Dawn of the Zeds 2nd Edition

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Quick Overview

Dawn of the Zeds is a States of SiegeTM zombie apocalypse game that pits you against hordes of Zeds in an effort to survive until the very end.

Dawn of the Zeds 2nd Edition

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Voted one of the 2013 Best Thematic Solitaire Games for the Spare Time Challenged on Board Game Geek!

Named one of Deseret News's Top 10 Tabletop Games of 2013!

Voted #1 on The Gaming Gang's Top 10 Games of 2011!

Arising once again from the grave, from designer Hermann Luttmann and lavishly illustrated by Vinh Ha, comes Dawn of the Zeds Second Edition as you've never seen it before. In this States of Siege™ solitaire game of horror and survival, your strategies will be put to the test. The world has gone crazy – a deadly virus has turned ordinary people into vicious, zombie-like killers. The undead, nicknamed "Zeds," are now converging on your corner of the world. You have been left to your own devices to stop them while the National Guard organizes a relief column and fights its way to you – but that could take days, or even weeks, before they arrive.

At the town of Farmingdale and its surrounding villages, you must coordinate its defenses. Regular citizens may emerge as heroes as you work to halt the Zeds' advances by (re)killing them, discovering and implementing a cure to this vile scourge, and preserving the area and its inhabitants as much as possible. In addition to this madness, the crazy Doctor Marteuse has been working in the underground tunnels and unleashing his uber-deadly Super Zeds, a nasty bunch of beasts that give havoc a whole new name. Bring him to justice, destroy the infectious Zeds, and save your city from peril!

In a game that requires the utmost test of skill and nerve, will you survive long enough? Will you be able to fight hordes of Zeds while protecting the townspeople? Test your heroics and unearth Dawn of the Zed, a game that will keep you on your toes!

Polybag Game Components:

•   One 32-page full-color Rulebook (extended example of play included)
•   123 thick, two-sided, multi-shaped, laser-cut game pieces
•   100 cards
•   One 11" x 17" two-sided color game map
•   NEW Tim Allen 11" x 17" two-sided color game map
•   One two-sided 8½" x 11" player aid
•   One two-sided 8½" x 11" player mat
•   One 4-page Quick Play booklet
•   One Quick Play set-up sheet
•   Two six-sided 5mm dice

What's In The Box?:

•   One 32-page full-color Rulebook (extended example of play included)
•   123 thick, two-sided, multi-shaped, laser-cut game pieces
•   100 cards
•   One 11" x 17" two-sided color game map
•   NEW Tim Allen 11" x 17" two-sided color game map
•   One two-sided 8½" x 11" player aid
•   One two-sided 8½" x 11" player mat
•   One 4-page Quick Play booklet
•   One Quick Play set-up sheet
•   Two six-sided 12mm dice
•   One 11" x 17" mounted, two-sided, jigsaw-cut game map
•   One bright red, 9" x 11 7/8" Deluxe cardboard VPG game box
•   One beautiful box cover sleeve
•   One "Wipes-A-Lot" napkin
•   One charcoal desiccant packet

What's New in the 2nd Edition

- Contains a Tutorial Scenario for beginners, in addition to Classic and Walking Zeds scenarios
- Never before seen cards and counters, including the dreadful Super Zeds
- Three different game lengths to choose from: Short, Standard, and Campaign Game
- Four new Heroes: Wright, Kingman, Wilson, and Carter
- An additional 5th track (the Tunnel Track)
- All new and beautiful artwork
- Bigger cards
- A completely new, two-sided map (for each scenario)
- Several uniquely-shaped, colorful, laser-cut counters


Game Design: Hermann Luttmann
Development: Victory Point Games
Additional Documentation: Petra Schlunk
Series Developer: John Welch
Art & Graphics: Tim Allen and Vinh Ha
Writing: David Spangler (fiction)
Graphic Design & Layout: Josh Neiman and Barry Pike III
Playtesting: John Angelo, Mark Fanning, Frank Gallagher, Noelle Le Bienvenu, Robert Miller Sr., Jaret Morgan, Josh Neiman, Barry Pike III, Aaron Rohrer, Petra Schlunk, Thomas Sobczak
Proofreading: Mark Fanning, Rick Partin, Aaron Rohrer, Petra Schlunk, Leigh Toms, Ian Wakeham

Many Zeds were harmed in the making of this game.

Game Resources

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Game Data

Number of Players Solitaire
Age 13+
Playing Time Approximately 60 minutes
Difficulty 4
Solitaire Suitability 9
Designer Hermann Luttmann
Developer Victory Point Games


Dawn of the Zeds 2nd Edition by Turn to the Dark Side (BoardGameGeek)
Personally, I love this game. I have the boxed version, and I love the look, feel, theme, and quality of all of the components. Super thick counters that are laser cut so you have some cool details like a bite out of the corner of the ZEDS counters, or the skull marker for the infection track.

I think it is a very fun game, and love the tension of it. It grabs you by the throat on turn one and never lets go. Never enough actions to do what needs to be done! I consider this a must have for any zombie fan!
It would be a grave mistake not to... by Gareth Davies (rookandroll.co.uk)
The challenge (and appeal) of DotZ is to adapt to the ever-changing dangers it throws at you, particularly in the game’s full scenario, which features raiders, a mad scientist, and a potential cure, as well as a super-weapon and "super zeds," such as beserkers, dreads, leapers, ravagers, and -- Pickles’ worst nightmare -- the were-zeds. These threats are likely to get the best of you more often than not, but the game has a way of drawing you back to the table for one more attempt to beat the odds.

... The gameplay’s the thing, and DotZ has it in hordes.
Solitaire Excitement by Cody Carlson (Deseret News)
Dawn of the Zeds is a game that tells a story. You can almost hear the voice of Sheriff Hunt as he solemnly volunteers for the suicide mission at the barricade, or Mayor Hernandez's inspiring speech, rallying the people. This is a game that is dripping with theme and offers an exciting, difficult battle to keep your town alive.
It's Still Better to be Dead Than Zed by Jeff McAleer (The Gaming Gang)
Dawn of the Zeds second edition ... is still one hell of a nail biting, action packed, zombie fueled spectacular! Anyone who enjoys the zombie genre or rock solid solitaire games owes it to themselves to have DotZ in their collection! (9.5/10)
A Zombie Game You Won't Want to Miss by Tom Chick (Quarter to Three)
Dawn of the Zeds is the States of Siege engine in a no-holds-barred, no-historical-faffing-about, no-iPad-version-available zombie game. And surprisingly enough, it’s fleshed out with enough variety, interactivity, gameplay, and narrative meat to shame the French Revolution and Battle of Rorke’s Drift scenarios. (5/5)