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It is the middle of the 5th century AD, and the gods are dying. In parallel to the unrest rotting the foundations of the Roman Empire, pantheons of deities across the globe see their temples profaned and their followers lament. Belief ebbs from the world....

The once-mighty gods, now desperately scheming to collect remaining scraps of faith, seek a way to endure the coming Dark Age – an inevitable future pressing through time with the weight of a singularity – and every god must meet these final tests or perish forever to legend.

In Twilight of the Gods, you and your friends each assume the role of a deity from myth and legend and battle to see who is the strongest god, using human armies, mystical beasts, and heroes of renown from the myriad of ages.

With over 200 cards at your disposal, customize your own 50-card deck to match your playstyle.

TotG Kickstarter

Duel against other deities from a myriad of mythoses for supremacy. Use the special power of your Deity to turn the tide of battle in your favor or to escape from the jaws of defeat.

Everything you need to start playing and customizing your deck comes right in the box! There are even four pre-made deck variants that you can use to get started, one for each Deity.

The Sanctuary faction is focused on outlasting your opponent. With each attack from the enemy, you will build your walls higher and stronger. They will watch in horror as your walls repair themselves with your arsenal of Restore cards. Once they have exhausted their power, you will be ready to open the gates and unleash your late-game might upon them.

The Negotiation faction is known for its intricate use of tricks and deception. Negotiation players excel at Manifesting their traded resources to spring an onslaught of traps upon their foes. If you like setting up your victory ten turns ahead of your opponent, this faction is for you.

The Aggression faction is all about attacking, attacking, attacking. Aggression cards deal damage indiscriminately, sometimes even to yourself! Such great power must comes with a cost, but a sly Aggression player can turn that to their advantage.

The Mysticism faction focuses its power on dealing lasting damage against your foes. Mysticism players are brutally efficient at whittling away their enemy's maximum life, and comboing their creatures' effects to help their companions or hinder the opponent's minions.

Now go forth and let none stand in your way!

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