Spy Guys

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A compact-sized friendly game of espionage, for three to six spies.. Each player is a spy racing against the other spies to locate their Contact and Mission Objectives, which are listed on their Spy card. Once you have the required four cards in your hand, declare victory whenever an Escape card is face up on the table!

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Tovarich Pizann's Spy Guys is a deceptively simple hand-and-tableau game of deduction and "take that!" where each of the 3 to 6 players is a spy trying to be the first to collect a set of four cards needed to complete their mission and escape! Since not everyone needs the same cards, players will discover fascinating moments of cooperation and conflict. Players with a hint of good memory, a good read of human nature, and a dash of luck can get their spy safely home first!

This game is only available in clamshell packaging.

Game Components:

•   One full-color rules sheet
•   64 cards
•   One 6.75" x 3.75" x 1.5" blister pack case


Game Design: Tovarich Pizann
Development: Tovarich Pizann
Art: Michael Irizarry, Jr.
Graphic Design: Michelle Ball
Playtesting: Sean Newton, Allison and Bryan Polk, Garrett and Meredith Pommenville, Alex Trumbo, Jim and Kate Wolf-Pizor, the SoCal Play Testers, and the Victory Point Games’ Saturday afternoon regulars

Special Thanks: Thomas Baumbach, Andrew Ketrow, Miriam Pizann, Bob West

Game Resources

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Game Data

Number of Players 3-6
Age 8+
Playing Time Approximately 30 minutes
Difficulty N/A
Solitaire Suitability N/A
Designer Tovarich Pizann
Developer Tovarich Pizann


Spy Guys by Father Geek
I was most pleased with Spy Guys. It played quickly, had a lot more player interaction than I expected, kept me guessing, kept me wanting to learn more, and left me feeling very satisfied. ... Do sit down and play Spy Guys when you get a chance.
Strategic Fun for Family and Friends by Kim Rily (Life in LA)
This is a fun, clean game that takes more strategy than a child's game, but less time than a game of Risk or other tactical games. It's a good, middle ground game that will keep smart kids and attentive adults entertained over and over again.
Spy Guys by Space Tavern Games
We have absolutely loved the game Spy Guys that was sent to us from Tovarich “Comrade” who was in our Episode 7 of At The Tavern. We played around 20 rounds of the game total through the week. It took us and 3 others 3 turns of the first game to get into the flow and comprehend and understand all of the rules. It is really wonderfully easy to understand and get the hang of it. We had an awesome time and we highly recommend this game for anyone! (10 Cheers out of 10)
Spy Guys by RJ Cullen (Toys Bulletin)
Spy Guys is an exciting little card game that can be played in 30 minutes or less. The rules and gameplay are especially simple and the cards themselves are a real hoot.