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ABD Exp. Kit 3: Strange Ordnance

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Michael Nagel
2 or more
Play Time:
60 minutes
Added to the stench of battle is a foul new reek, the stink of sulfur! Now small formations of light gunners armed with the early arquebus, and heavier formations of coronelias and tercios, can lay fire across the field of battle. But they are not alone, for early cannon such as the culverin, clumsy as they are, have also been introduced. Now these strange ordnance add a thick smoke to the battlefield and hasten the twilight of ancient battle tactics.

Note: This expansion kit is not a "stand alone" game. To use it, you must own a copy of:

Ancient Battles Deluxe
Ancient Battles Deluxe expansion kit 1: Elephants at War
Ancient Battles Deluxe expansion kit 2: Hell's Horsemen

Game Components:

• One 11" x 17" paper game map 'E'
• 80 color, 5/8" square counters, including hand gunners and cannon
• One Rules sheet for incorporating early gunpowder units
• 16 new scenarios

Battles Included:

• Megiddo (Thutmose III vs the King of Kadesh, 1457 BC)
• Issus (Alexander vs Darius, 333 BC)
• Pydna (Perseus vs Paulus, 168 BC)
• 2nd Adrianople (Valens vs Fritigern, 378 AD)
• Catalaunian Plains (Aetius vs Attila, 451 AD)
• Lechfeld (Bulcsu vs Otto I, 955 AD)
• Dorylaeum (Kilij Arslan vs Bohemond, 1097 AD)
• Kalka River (Jebe vs Mstislav, 1223 AD)
• Kutna Hora (Sigismund vs Jan Zizka, 1421 AD)
• Habry (Jan Zizka vs Pipa, 1422 AD)
• Malesov (Jan Zizka vs Borok, 1424 AD)
• Aussig (Prokop vs Boso, 1426 AD)
• Lipany (Prokop vs Borok, 1434 AD)
• 2nd Kossovo (Murad II vs John Hunyadi, 1448 AD)
• Formigny (Thomas Kyriell vs Comte de Clermont, 1450 AD)
• Cerignola (de Cordoba vs d’Armagnac, 1503 AD)


Game Design: Mike Nagel
Art & Graphic Design: Alan Emrich
Playtesting: Bradley Boyles, David Briggs, Phil Carroll, Kim Meints, Dave Schubert

Game Resources

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