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ABD Exp. Kit 5: Design Your Own

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Michael Nagel
2 or more
Play Time:
60 minutes
Now any ancient- to early-gunpowder battle is yours to recreate with this Design Your Own (DYO) expansion kit for Ancient Battles Deluxe. Obscure historical clashes, "what-if" battles of your own invention, and custom design scenarios are yours to command.

Note: This expansion kit is not a "stand alone" game. To use it, you must own a copy of:

Ancient Battles Deluxe
Ancient Battles Deluxe expansion kit 1: Elephants at War
Ancient Battles Deluxe expansion kit 2: Hell's Horsemen
Ancient Battles Deluxe expansion kit 3: Strange Ordnance
Ancient Battles Deluxe expansion kit 4: The Art of War

Game Components:

• One 17" x 22" paper game map
• 144 1" color terrain hex tiles
• Two player aid Build Cost charts
• One Rules sheet
• One original, custom-designed scenario (Fornham St Genevieve, 1173 AD)


Game Design: Mike Nagel
Art & Graphic Design: Alan Emrich

Game Resources

(Rules require a PDF viewer installed in your browser, or right-click to download and open with a PDF reader)
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