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Front Cover

Ancient Battles Deluxe (ABD)

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Michael Nagel
2 or more
Play Time:
60 minutes
With grim-faced determination and sharpened sword, lead your troops through the greatest battles of history using the simple maneuver and combat mechanics that allow you to engage in the decisive missile and melee combat that is Mike Nagel's Ancient Battles Deluxe.

Here players will find more than a great game, but a complete and integrated systemusing standardized pieces and rules that allow hearty warriors to recreate any number of pre-gunpowder and early-gunpowder era battles in a compact playing area over a short time.

Do you have what it takes to command an army in a desperate situation? Will your leadership be able to advance your line in good order or resist the shock of a barbarian charge? If your units falter and break, will you be able to rally them once more unto the line, or will your army disintegrate into abject panic? Show us what it takes to maintain good order and cohesion amidst the chaos of battle long enough to vanquish the foe, break their spears asunder, and stand gloriously amid the field of battle victorious!

Game Components:

• One 12-page, full-color Rules booklet
• Two 11" x 17" paper game maps, 'A' and 'B'
• 261 color, mounted, die-cut square and round game pieces
• Eight scenario listing / game setup sheets
• Two player aid sheets
• One page of Designer's Notes
• Polybag packaging and component storage

Battles Included:

• Kadesh (Hittites vs Egyptians, 1288 BC)
• Leuctra (Thebes vs Sparta, 371 BC)
• Chaeronea (Macedonia vs Thebes, 338 BC)
• Granicus (Macedonia vs Persia, 334 BC)
• Legnano (Barbarosa vs Pope Alexander III, 1176 AD)
• Hattin (Crusaders vs Saladin, 1187 AD)
• Arsouf (Saladin vs Richard the Lionheart, 1191 AD)
• Bannockburn (Edward of England vs Robert the Bruce, 1314 AD)


Game Design: Mike Nagel
Game Development & Documentation: Alan Emrich
Art & Graphic Design: Alan Emrich
Playtesting: Bradley Boyles, David Briggs, Phil Carroll, Kim Meints, Dave Schubert
Proofreading: Vince DeNardo, Eric Miller, Stephen Neuville, Sal Vasta

Special Thanks: We are deeply indebted to Bill Banks, the designer of the original Ancients boardgame of yesteryear and our inspiration for Ancient Battles Deluxe. Ancients has been a favorite game of ours and we have longed to do a state-of-the-art version combining its simple elegance with the types of interactive systems and improved command control rules featured in Ancient Battles Deluxe. We would also like to thank Mike Anderson and One Small Step for allowing this game to be brought forth to a new generation of enthusiastic players.


Ancient Battles Deluxe by Richard Mataka (
Ancient Battles Deluxe is an excellent open ended system that provides for extremely enjoyable games that can be played solitaire or against an opponent. ... Fast, fun, and enjoyable ... [with] rich history and unique battles.
A Good Option for Beginning Wargamers by Anna (Gaming as Women)
I would recommend this as a good game for first-time players. While the rules are not as complex as others, there are similar concepts that will help you down the road. Understanding the use of command points, the significance of victory points, how to determine values for ranged and melee attacks, etc., will all be language you will see again and again in this area. The one absolutely glaring difference though is that there is no room for diplomacy! You have to fight the whole way through