Kim Meints

Born 1/15/56 in Waterloo, IA, and still living there. Went into the Army right after High School then worked for the U.S Postal Service until I retired in 2009. Divorced with no children.

As I loved toy soldiers, models, and anything military, I had all the early light wargames like 1863, Battlecry, Combat, etc. Found my first true wargames when I was 13 when my mother bought me Avalon Hill's Gettysburg & Waterloo. With those I was hooked for life and I still prefer the old SPI, GDW, AH games even today (I guess I am still a child of the 60's & 70's). I had been playtesting for a few game companies over the years when Alan was getting the first line up for the startup of Victory Point Games so I was lucky to be on the ground floor with five of them including the 1st ed Waterloo 20. And that love of the Napoleon 20 system lead to me becoming a designer in the series & VPG.