Sean Young

Hi, I’m Sean Young, one of the freelance game designers, and the first paid employee at Victory Point Games. I started working out of Alan’s and Vinnie’s houses helping construct games before there was an official office. Once we had our first office, I still did game production, and later the mailroom. During this time I had my first game published with VPG, PARSEC and two expansions for it. When VPG got its fancy new laser and improved equipment, I was able to revise PARSEC and its expansions and put out PARSEC Deluxe, one of the first releases with upgraded components. Since then, I have moved on to other jobs, but I am still designing games for VPG, including the upcoming chariot racing game Ave Victrix, as well as a number of other titles still in various states of development. While freelancing my game designs, I am also pursuing a career in voice acting for Hollywood and video games.

Here's my Facebook link: