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Cruel Necessity: Hear Ye, Hear Ye

Cruel Necessity: Hear Ye, Hear Ye

May 1st 2019

Know Ye the Tale of Cruel Necessity

The English Civil Wars (1640-1655) are back in Victory Point Games’ States of SiegeTM solitaire history/wargame classic Cruel Necessity. A new “deluxified” second edition is a banquet of gaming goodness fit for a king with excellent refinements that will suit your majesty.

The Privy Calendar

Originally conceived to launch on Kickstarter, by Parliamentary Decree the release for pre-order of Cruel Necessity second edition shall be offered instead directly to our most appreciated customers, ye who follow The Little Game Studio and know us by our good works. Without a royal proclamation, therefore, we invite ye to join us for a more intimate and personal type of game launch.

Cruel Necessity sample card

You will find our direct pre-order offers to the faithful on a special PledgeManager page. With your loyal help in our just cause, the events on the calendar should progress thus:

  1. The Chancellor of the Ex-checker players (they now play chess) will attend that we reach our funding goal of $10,000 (hardly a king’s ransom; about 300 pre-orders).
  2. Upon arrival there, the files for this game (which you can inspect freely on our offering page) shall be commended to the tradesmen and yeomanry of our overseas printer. Thence, the Great Pre-press dance shall begin which perfects your game before its manufacture.
  3. During those days in pre-press purgatory, we shall establish this pre-order offering’s closing date and let your friends know that their Hour of Reckoning approaches.
  4. While asail upon the fleet’s finest to make for our warehouses for shipping to you, the clerks and scribes will assess your encumbrances of shipping, taxes, tariffs, and any such disreputable royal levees worth raising your pitchforks and torches in disdain against.
  5. Know ye that we have no plans for the immediate High Street (wholesale/retail) release of Cruel Necessity once it reaches you, its most vaunted players, through this offer. Instead, it will only be sold directly from his majesty’s fortress for full value (and still a bargain at that). For that reason, make haste and pre-order.

And from the pauper’s box, a petition was found beseeching an upgrade kit for first edition owners. Alas, that cannot be. This new edition of Cruel Necessity has upgraded and changed every component -- box, map, cards, rules, and player aid (only the dice are the same). It is gospel, therefore, that those seeing an update kit would, in fact, be best advised to rally to a new second edition copy (especially at its pre-order price offering).

Verily, first edition owners have one thing still that second edition owners have been found to covet -- the original edition counters (which be thicker than a whale omelette), and every man jack of them will serve you well in this second edition. If ye wish upon other gamers the sin of envy at the heft of your piece, hold thee thy first edition copy with both hands and merrily wave it about.

We plan to go live with this campaign circa 9 May. If you wish to be notified right away, please subscribe here to our VPG email newsletter, The Crimson Courier, for all the latest announcements: