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Frank Chadwick's ETO at ConsimWorld 2017

Frank Chadwick's ETO at ConsimWorld 2017

May 3rd 2017

Let the good dice roll!

Appearing at ConsimWorld Expo in Tempe, Arizona, from Saturday, 27 May to Saturday, 3 June 2017 will be legendary game designer Frank Chadwick, inviting all to visit and play the final beta version of the first game in his new ETO wargame series. This game, Thunder in the East, covers WWII on the Russian Front from 1941 to 1944 at the Corps (Axis) and Army (Soviet) level using 30-mile hexes and approximately 8 day turns.

In the vernacular of wargaming, Thunder in the East is a classic "panzer pusher" where players can quickly grasp the rules and start playing; and the development team will be there to teach newcomers! Evolving from the introductory wargame Battle for Moscow, we can have you marshaling your forces on the map quickly and planning your campaigns across the steppes of Russia.

No RSVP necessary! Just show up and look for us at the front of the ballroom, near the registration desk!

If you would like to inspect the components in advance and read the rules, click here (caution: this large .zip file will take some time to download).

See you there!

Frank Chadwick ETO Interview: