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Gems Real and Virtual

Gems Real and Virtual

Posted by Alan Emrich on Nov 1st 2018

Welcome Diggy Dwarves!

Here is the latest appraisal of your Gem Rush II game:

Shipping and Street Dates

Gem Rush II is currently at the Ship Naked warehouse where it is being processed for shipment during the first half of November. Assuming you are all caught up with your Pledge Manager, keep an eye open to receive a scroll via email letting you know that your game is en route.

The Street Date (i.e., when stores should have and start selling the game) is listed as 16 November, but that is "penciled in." We certainly hope to make that date in stores so that visitors to their FLGS (Friendly Local Game Store) can get their copy and have a great game to play with their family this holiday season!

Digital Gem Rush and BGG.con

We will be demoing both the manual and digital versions of Gem Rush II at BGG.con in a few weeks! Designer (and programmer!) Jeremy Lennert offers this late news about the digital version of the game which every Kickstarter backer received via Steam as part of the campaign:

"Since the launch of Gem Rush digital in August (of 2018), we have been listening to player feedback and updating the game with many requested features, including:

- Computer (AI) players at 3 difficulty levels (usable in all game modes)

- New options for assigning skills at the start of the game

- Customizable length of Rush-mode games by assigning a custom target score

We are especially pleased to announce that Gem Rush will soon be available on iOS and Android! These mobile versions are currently in final testing. Quicksilver Software will update its Gem Rush page with release details as soon as the game arrives in their virtual Stores. To learn more about Gem Rush digital go to:"