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Greetings, Renegade! It is time to consider a brighter future…

Greetings, Renegade! It is time to consider a brighter future…

Posted by Ricky Royal on Sep 27th 2018

Lighthouse is the fourth booster pack expansion for Ricky Royal’s Renegade, the cooperative game of cyber-punk hacking. It introduces a whole new way to play versus every previous SMC by giving them a “2.0” upgrade which supplements their abilities!

Mother's Ghost

Lighthouse also includes a new Countermeasure, but this time it brings a Boss Fight to the table in the form of Mother’s Ghost who thunders down onto the network with a destructive shockwave that leaves an impenetrable barrier in its wake. I can’t wait for you to meet her and “see the light.”

But Lighthouse is not all badness; it also brings a new type of token to the board that is guaranteed to make you go, “Ooh, shiny!” These little data packets of goodness are akin to Easter eggs scattered across the network. Thus, they will entice and distract you by offering new ways to combo your cards and otherwise create opportunities for your killer turns. Rupert Stanz thinks you’re going to love these!


  • 10 packet tokens
  • 1 Mother’s Ghost token
  • 7 Packet cards
  • 1 Gold Countermeasure card
  • 1 Tarot-sized SMC card
  • 1 Rules sheet

Good luck Renegades, because these treats will be coming your way soon – we just need your player feedback to help perfect them! Designer Ricky Royal (from Box of Delights) would like to invite seasoned Renegades to join him in play-testing this latest expansion for his solitaire/co-op game. 

If you would like to jack-in and steal a jump on Mother’s new countermeasures, you can download the following “print and playtest” kit" here: and send your intel to Renegade Xpack 4 Report.

The anti-SMC resistance thanks you!