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Let's Make a Deal!

Let's Make a Deal!

Posted by Joshua Gottesman on Jun 21st 2018

Victory Point Games has been around for more than a decade now. Originally, it was two guys in an attic cranking out a few great games on inkjet printers and counters cut on a hand-powered-die-press.

Joshua GottesmanI started consulting to VPG in 2010 and like to think I was a part of their change to a bigger operation, better quality components, and wider distribution. Fast forward to 2018, and VPG is now producing beautiful, full-color games in China, with international distribution. Quite the growth and success story.

There is just one thing missing. With a few exceptions, to date, all of VPG's offerings have been in English.

That's in the process of changing too, and change is coming rapidly.

Last year, Draco Ideas ran a successful crowdfunding campaign for a Spanish edition of EspaƱa 20 on Verkami.

And as you probably saw in our last newsletter, Maldito Games will be producing Spanish language versions of Dawn of the Zeds: Third Edition, and Nemo's War: Second Edition.

Frosted Games will soon be releasing a German Version of High Treason: The Trial of Louis Real.

And that's just the start. I am currently negotiating agreements on VPG's behalf for versions of VPG games in at least four other languages -- a good start.

VPG is actively looking for more licensees for their products, in a variety of languages (including English for those wishing to reach into our back catalog of discontinued titles). We believe our terms are very reasonable, and we are excited about the possibility of bringing VPG games to a broader international audience in their native languages. And to do that, I need your help.

If you are a foreign publisher interested in licensing one or more of your titles, or if you would like to see a VPG title in a foreign language and have contact information for a foreign publisher, please contact me at jgottesman[at]victorypointgames[dot]com. I'll take it from there and, hopefully, you'll be able to see new foreign language editions of your favorite VPG games on store shelves around the world in the near future.

Joshua Gottesman, VPG Licensing Manager