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Nemo's War Expansion Packs #2 and 3

Nemo's War Expansion Packs #2 and 3

Posted by Alan Emrich on Nov 15th 2018

Setting sail for Kickstarter this November 27th:

Adventure token (back)

Nemo's War reprint and

Expansion Packs #2 and 3

Yes, the same great Nemo's War game that the critics adore is being reprinted, this time is a roughly 12" square (Ticket to Ride) size box which should include a (new, proper) insert tray. All of the game components inside the box are the same as before. If you have a friend who has missed the boat (i.e., the Nautilus), then this is their chance to get their ticket for the adventure of a lifetime!

For you old sea-hands who believe you have plumbed the depths of Nemo's world, it is about to get bigger with this Kickstarter's release of Expansion Packs 2 & 3.

Nemo's Motive: HumanistIn Nemo's War Expansion Pack 2: Bold and Caring you will find all-new gameplay with Captain Nemo's two new "nice" motives. As a Humanist, you must keep your Notoriety low while conducting diplomatic “attacks” to realign the world toward Nemo’s humanitarian gifts, including new Hospital Machines. In Adventure mode, the new Breathing Apparatus helps you ply the seven seas in search of the grandest adventures the world of 1870 has to offer. This pack is like receiving two new games!

In Nemo's War Expansion Pack 3: Dramatis Personae you discover the wonders aboard the Nautilus as you learn more about your crew and meet new crew members (including the Coxswain, the Cook, and the Marine Lieutenant who leads the boarding parties). You will visit exotic locations such as Easter Island and Davy Jones’ Locker, deal with a deadly scourge during The Outbreak, and even discover a new Finale as Nemo relinquishes command to his successors.

Note that you must have Nemo’s War second edition to use these Expansion Packs.