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Privy Tidings for Cruel Necessity 2nd Edition

Privy Tidings for Cruel Necessity 2nd Edition

Posted by Alan Emrich on Feb 28th 2019

Privy Tidings for Cruel Necessity 2nd Edition

Victory Point Games’ studio has been busy preparing its new edition of their much-praised Cruel Necessity game by designer John Welch. Following its recent project approval by Tabletop Tycoon, we have put the band back together with familiar names (no, not Oliver Cromwell and The Ironsides ) for redevelopment, art, and layout, in addition to adding some new faces and enlarging the possibility space for this classic States of Siege TM solitaire game. Cruel Necessity covers each and all of England’s three Civil Wars from 1640 to 1653.

Can you, as Parliament use your Godly rule to smite the Royalist forces of oppression and despair?

We will soon bring ye tidings for Cruel Necessity 2nd edition as a new Kickstarter endeavor. For that, our Towne Crier bids thee bring your basket to the executioner’s block to catch a copy when announced to get a head of your friends. (Ahem.)

The hue and cry among the yeomanry is, “What is new for the second edition?” Well, sharpen your poleaxe and attend the line of battle for the grizzled veterans of this game have petitioned us for, and will now receive, our blessings for their future endeavors putting England to right:

  • Cruel Necessity 2nd edition map (blocking)A larger (11.7” square) telescoping game box with a new cover illustration
  • A larger (23” square) one-piece mounted mapboard with the Sequence of Play and Action Types added for easy reference (shown here as a "blocking/layout" illustration; this is not the final version which is currently with artist Tim Allen)
  • Die cut counters (these have changed very little from the first edition, so owners of that version to prefer their laser-cut pieces have an opportunity to enjoy the best of both worlds)
  • Achievement cards have evolved. First, they are never removed; instead, new cards are stacked on top of old ones so, after acquiring the card on top of one of the three Achievement piles the card beneath it again becomes available.

    Second, they now have different Zeal Point costs for each of the three epochs (going from cheaper in the Copper epoch to pricey in the Gold epoch). This will make early acquisition of Achievement cards a more viable play strategy. See the samples below and note their increasing Zeal costs by epoch color.


  • A new Battlefield Option is introduced: If Prince Rupert is not present at that Battle, you may also spend 1 Zeal to perform a Stratagem which allows you to redeploy your like pieces on the Battle Line before resolving its four sections.
  • You can thrash Armies on their #5 Areas not merely to Disorder them, but also to gain a free Fortress “click” for that track’s frontier Fortress (thus providing you a double benefit).
  • One very small but impactful rule change is that the + 1 DRM/+1 Strength Zeal marker is not available when you have any “F” Political Grades. Players must mind their political situation!
  • Some old Optional Rules are gone but we have added a very interesting new one: English Settlers can now be sent to Ireland or Scotland when those regions are docile (i.e., their Army is in its #5 Area). For the remainder of it game, these colonists strengthen their Army unit by +1 (from resentment), but also strengthens your hand in their political affairs allowing you to place the Zeal +1 DRM marker on their Political Track marker for free (for having some “allies” among the populace). This is a very high risk, high reward strategy, but it just might work!
  • There is a more refined Quick Combat Resolution Table courtesy of Wes Erni (which is moved to the Player Air sheet as shown below)