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Twilight of the Age of Revelation

Twilight of the Age of Revelation

Posted by Chris Kluwe on Nov 1st 2018

Greetings, all you TotG'ers! We have some exciting news for you: The first three mini-expansions for Twilight of the Gods: Age of Revelation have been printed, shipped, and are taking up temporary homes at retailers around the world before heading to their final destination - your game collection! Each of these three boxes contains fifty cards, the majority of which are brand-spankin-new, and offer you exciting new ways to modify your existing decks (my personal favorite is using Abyssal Consort to turn a Sanctuary Restore deck into a Sanctuary Destroy-All-The-Things deck, but that's just me).

Please note that these mini-expansions are designed to supplement the core set, so you'll still want one of those in order to have the best TotG experience possible, but you'll also only need to buy one copy of each mini-expansion to get a full set of cards in that mini-expansion; that is, any new cards we introduce will always come with a full three copies of that card (except for Epics, of course).

But that's not all!

These mini-expansions are also introducing four new deities, one for each faction, and these deities are focused! In order to build a deck around them, you'll need a minimum of forty cards from that faction, so if you've wanted a reason to create that full conviction deck, now is your chance. Just remember though, in the immortal words of that Scottish lad with the big ol' choppy sword - "There can be only one." - so good luck in your battles against your friends and foes!