Conquest at Kismet

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Quick Overview

In the Kismet Sector of the Raccroc Galaxy, huge self-sustaining Motherships fight over control of vast natural resources. But there's heavy opposition...

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Conquest at Kismet, from new game designer Jay Vales, is a two-player, turn-based, head-to-head card game set in the fictional galaxy of Raccroc, using a lottery-like method of resolving battle. This allows for a very small table footprint while having a healthy mix of tactics and luck, as players battle one another until one of their Motherships is destroyed.

Note: This game is currently only available in the boxed version.

What's In The Box?:

•   One 16-page, full-color Rules booklet
•   104 cards
•   Two Mothership cards
•   47 thick, laser-cut, multi-shaped counter pieces
•   One bright red, 9 1/4" x 5 7/8" Standard cardboard VPG game box
•   One beautiful box cover sleeve
•   One "Wipes-A-Lot" napkin
•   One charcoal desiccant packet


Game Design: Jay Vales
Development: Briana Giardina
Graphic Design: Nathan Hansen
Art: Kevin McGaha
Playtesting: Tim Blystone, Blake Cannon, Kandis Caringer, Amie Funk, Scott Jones, Lance McMillan, Kai Sneed, Ian B. Tuten
Proofreading: Noelle Le Bienvenu, Leigh Toms, Karen Wolterman

Game Data

Number of Players 2
Age 8+
Playing Time Approximately 20 minutes
Difficulty 3
Solitaire Suitability 1 (not suitable)
Designer Jay Vales
Developer Briana Giardina


Control the Galaxy by Toys Bulletin
Conquest at Kismet is a fast-moving contest, generally lasting 30 minutes or so, and it is suggested for players 8 years old and up. We had a good time playing this one, and with its easy set up and quick pace, we found ourselves playing late into the night.
Addicting Two Player Game by Kimmi Haueter (FangirlNation)
While I play many games weekly, there are only a few that really stand out as the week comes to a close. Conquest at Kismet is one of my new favorite games. Not only is it perfect for a person who loves strategy, but it isn’t over complicated. The rules and flow of the game are quick to pick up, allowing players to really enjoy the game from the start.

I CANNOT stress enough how amazeballs this game is and how badly everyone needs to have this on their game shelf. So...pre-order your game and start planning your strategies!