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Front Cover

Disaster on Everest

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Tom Decker
Play Time:
60 minutes
As the owner of an exotic travel company that specializes in extreme sporting activities, you provide clients with a way to reach the top of the world, Mt. Everest. Unfortunately, several other competing agencies have opened up, each with the goal of becoming the most prestigious and successful travel company.

Control the movement of your guides and climbers as they navigate the treacherous ridges, ascend the technically-challenging Hillary Step, and strive to reach the "top of the world." Maximize the use of your guides' special abilities to safely escort your clients as the storm approaches. Manage the events on the mountain or lose your well-paying important clients to the inevitable disasters that await. The more clients that reach the summit and live to tell the tale, the greater your company's prestige and fortune. Can you triumph over a Disaster on Everest?

Advanced and optional game rules add client traits and unique travel company abilities.

Game Components:

• One 4-page, full-color Rules booklet
• One 8½" x 16½" paper game map of Mt. Everest
• 28 5/8" two-sided, full-color markers
• 54 3/4" two-sided, full-color game pieces
• One 4-page cardstock player aid
• One 8½" x 5½" full-color Company Status Board
• Polybag packaging and component storage


Game Design: Tom Decker
Development: Chris Taylor
Game Map: Ray Flowers
Playtesting: Alex Decker, Vince DeNardo, Anthony Duclos, Ray Flowers, Jennifer Gailey, Manuel Pasi, Michael Pearsall, Darryl Pickett, Hans von Stockhausen, Ian Wakeham
Proofreading: Ian Wakeham

Special Thanks: Michael Pearsall


Climb it if You Can by RJ Cullen (Toys Bulletin)
We arranged for the game to be given to three of our most accomplished game players, one at a time, over a two-week period. We decided to let them read the rules for themselves, play the game, and then conduct interviews with each.

All three players played Disaster on Everest multiple times. They all agreed that this might be the best solitaire game they have ever played, being both strategic and lucky. If you get the right event tokens, choose your movements carefully, and get a few breaks along the way, you can certainly register enough points to score at least a “minor victory” on the Victory Chart. They loved the speed of the game (most games lasted less than an hour), the simple set up, and the comprehensive rules. They also found the game highly imaginative, actually sensing the feel of snow, wind, and danger on every turn.

1 Review

  • 4
    Satisfying Solo Experience

    Posted by Jay on Apr 2nd 2019

    A fast and challenging solo game. The early game events lead to interesting choices as you strive to hold off the coming storm but at the risk of losing your climbers. The movement mechanic is simple yet challenging to optimize. Overall an entertaining solo experience that plays under an hour.