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Ernie the Geek Dawn of the Zeds Promo Pack

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Play Time:
90 minutes
Ernie Promo loves board and card games, and he loves to entertain his friends and neighbors with his organized game festivities. Promo was born to his name, as Ernie's promotion of games has built a loyal troop of gamers around Farmingdale. Lending themselves eagerly to civic and patriotic activities extending from their joy of community and play, the "Board Game Geeks," as Ernie's troop is known, are a staple at activities around Town Center.

When the Zeds arrived and it was learned that they could not play games, the Geeks agreed to help fight them (as Zeds clearly had nothing to live for). Although not a natural fighter, Ernie's community activities and gaming knowledge have proven useful in many surprising ways. Thinking out of the (game) box, Ernie Promo faces an uncertain future in Farmingdale with this thought planted firmly in his mind: "You know, this would make a cool board game!"
Note: This promo pack can only be played with a copy of Dawn of the Zeds: Third Edition.

You Get....:

• One Ernie the Geek promo card
• One counter