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For the Crown 2nd Edition

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Jeremy Lennert
2 or more
Play Time:
60 minutes

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Civil war has broken out. The kingdom is divided, the army in tatters, the treasury depleted. You must secure resources, rally your forces, and capture your rival. To win the day, you'll need a sharp wit, a stout heart, and a few tricks up your sleeve. Do you have what it takes to secure the throne?

For the Crown combines the race of deck-building and the deep maneuvering of Chess. Sacrifice your cards to gain new units--but save enough to keep your economy growing. Get into position to use your new card to full effect--but make sure you have a backup plan if you don't draw it right away. Take a moment to capture a vulnerable enemy unit--but no more than a moment, lest a new and stronger unit arrive to take its place.

Can you wisely divide your attention between tactics and logistics? Outpace your opponent while eluding capture? Seize glory on the battlefield, and win the crown!

What's In The Box?:

• One 12-page, full-color Rulebook
• One 11" x 17" cardstock game board
• 123 thick, two-sided, laser-cut game units
• 150 deck-building cards
• One 11" x 17" mounted, jigsaw-cut game board
• One bright red, 9" x 11 7/8" Deluxe cardboard VPG game box
• One beautiful box cover sleeve
• One "Wipes-A-Lot" napkin
• One charcoal desiccant packet


Game Design: Jeremy Lennert
Development: Victory Point Games
Map Art & Graphics: Barry Pike III and Dan Taylor
Playtesting: Bay Chang, Devon Chenoweth, Nick Cuneo, Nathan Hansen, Wes Hitchens, Richard Hutnik, Chris Magoun, Jack McHugh, Elliott Miller, Benjamin Reiniger, Leigh Toms
Proofreading: Bill Barrett, Jeremy Lennert, Rick Partin, Ian Wakeham


Dominion meets Chess! by Serge Pierro (Game Nite Magazine)
Chess players who have an interest in modern boardgames will love this game. The deckbuilding recruit method is brilliant and the tactical forays with the non-chess pieces can be dizzying at times, but always interesting, thus giving all players an opportunity to win as your standard tournament Chess player will not have an overwhelming advantage when there are several pieces on the board that they are unfamiliar with. 

Overall this is an excellent game and one that should be given a try by both chess players and non-chess players. (Highly Recommended)
For the Crown 2nd Edition by Ava Jarvis (BoardGameGeek)
This is the best chess variant ever, hands down. This is the best Dominion variant ever, hands down. For the Crown achieves a balance between deck-building and interaction on the board, and is just so lively. ... It was delicious and delectable and one of my favorite games of [BGGCon].
Medieval Love Child by Jason Meyers (iSlaytheDragon)
For the Crown is a surprisingly good 2-player option for hobby gamers who like to analyze and develop long-term strategy with minimal randomness. Just be prepared for a tense and lengthier session. While the box says 30-60 minutes, all of our games have easily exceeded an hour, and a few went longer than two. The good news is I was never bored, as even during my opponent’s turn, I was constantly planning ahead, analyzing my hand, thinking about my next unit, reviewing the cards available for purchase, and keeping an eye on his moves. There will be very little consorting with the enemy during this brain-burner.
For the Crown 2nd Edition by Cody Carlson (Deseret News)
On the surface, the idea of marrying Chess with a deck-building mechanic seems very odd. Yet For the Crown is an amazing game that succeeds on every level. Players must wisely divide their attention between investing in powerful cards for later use and in the unfolding strategic game on the board. Deciding what to do with the limited options you have will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Various decks allow for a lot of replay value, and no two games will play the same. Fans of deck-builders will have a field day while traditional Chess players will undoubtedly enjoy this fun variation that adds worlds of dynamic tension to the familiar black and white board.
Deep Strategy Mixed with Great Variety by Hectarion (Giant Fire Breathing Robot)
For the Crown really does feel like a great hybrid between two very solid game types. Each game feels very different due to the different stacks of cards, and the Chess side of the game provides a very unique feel.

To the lover of Chess and other strategic board games, this is a very easy recommendation. It puts a very fun and unique spin on Chess and offers a great deal of replayability. The new units in the game all have a different feel and create new and interesting options to the game. For The Crown really takes a modern spin on an ancient classic and creates a great new experience. (4/5)
Deck Building Chess Gets Even Better by Chris Ayala (The Gaming Gang)
After a dozen plays, FtC even has me thinking about it when I’m not playing as I’m making a mental list of things to try. Everyone I’ve introduced to For the Crown has enjoyed it; from people who are Dominion fans to others who are Chess masters. Okay, maybe not Chess masters but folks who play Chess extremely well. One of my gaming buds, also named Chris, has enjoyed playing FtC and can really see himself adding this game to his library. Once again Victory Point Games has lived up to their motto, “The Gameplay’s the Thing.” For the Crown is simply a game I know I’ll play (8.4/10)
For the Crown 2nd Edition by Dad's Gaming Addiction
Overall, Vinnie (11) and I enjoyed our time with For the Crown: 2nd Edition. The meshing of Chess with deck-building mechanics was executed well. The fact that there are many different cards and units available will help to ensure the game’s appeal over long periods of time. ... As someone who enjoys both Chess and deck-building games, this particular one is an easy recommend. (8/10)