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Frontier Stations

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Jeremy Lennert
Play Time:
60 minutes

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Named one of the Top 100 Solitaire Board Games of 2015 by Box of Delights!

Work together to defend a ring of frontier space stations against a variety of growing dangers. Upgrade your systems wisely to maintain a steady flow of the vital resources you'll need to survive, and allocate them carefully to keep nearby threats in check.

Frontier Stations, from Jeremy Lennert, is a game for 3 to 6 players working together to confront an onslaught of perils. Each player must build up their station, making it better able to deal with the wide variety of threats and function optimally with its two neighboring stations.

What's In The Box?:

• One 12-page, full-color Rulebook
• 215 thick, two-sided, multi-shaped game pieces
• 125 cards
• Two six-sided dice
• One bright red, 9" x 11 7/8" Deluxe cardboard VPG game box
• One beautiful box cover sleeve
• One "Wipes-A-Lot" napkin
• One charcoal desiccant packet


Game Design: Jeremy Lennert
Development: Alan Emrich
Art: Clark Miller
Graphic Design: Barry Pike III
Playtesting: Jorge Alvarez, Scott Dexter, Taylor Flynn, Kevin Fortuna, Nathan Hansen, Travis Hill, Ken Stojevich
Proofreading: Noelle Le Bienvenu, Rick Partin, Leigh Toms, Karen Wolterman


Top 100 Solitaire Games of 2015 by Ricky Royal (Box of Delights)
What I like about this [game] is that it takes a new twist on the deck-builder idea. You will be upgrading, not a deck, but your space station using cards. In other words your station is your “deck” if you like. But, and here’s the catch, the deck is not drawn from. No, your deck is small, and all those cards are available to you at all times (hence the larger footprint). Instead those cards are charged up and used by placing and removing tokens from them. Your enemy are space invaders, and you will be using your station cards’ resources to keep them at bay, as well as to buy new upgrades. So you can see it has the traditional problems delivered by a deck-builder, but in a completely new format. Great stuff VPG!!
Frontier Stations by Stewart Pilling (Lizard Lounge)
I totally love this game. There is a lot going on and it plays from 3 to 6 players well. ... The fact that every player produces on each dice roll and each threat needs to be dealt with on each dice roll, not just those affecting the rolling player, means that there is not much downtime. 

The game is a lot of fun and is a doddle [is easy] to teach, so could be considered a gateway game. ... In short, if you like co-ops and see this in the shop, buy it.
Hold On Just a Little Bit Longer by Travis Williams (TechRaptor)
Frontier Stations is a dice heavy, difficult, and fun cooperative game. The placement of the Threat cards on the table mean that each player will have to work together with their neighbors and discourages a single alpha gamer from running the entire game. Frontier Stations is quick to set up and has easily adjustable difficulty settings, allowing players to ease into the game without feeling overwhelmed or discouraged by the difficulty. Successful luck mitigation is vital and, when accomplished, places the fate of the players upon the choices that they make rather than simply the roll of the die.
Frontier Stations by Blue Peg Pink Peg
In the end, we lost most of the games we played. That’s how it goes with cooperative games – you’re almost always going to lose more than you’re going to win. And that’s fine, because Frontier Stations engages its players well enough to make you want to dive right back in and give it another try. With Frontier Stations, Victory Point Games and Jeremy Lennert continue a trend of solid cooperative games.
Fight together to neutralize threats by Ryan Morgenegg (Deseret News)
Frontier Stations is definitely fun to play and encourages strategic thinking with other players. The games starts out slow and many players may think it is too easy, but just wait. The second half of the game is difficult and players start to take a beating. If cooperative board games are of interest, check this one out.
Frontier Stations by Gaming Bits
Everything looks really nice and really carries the theme quite well. The game is simple to play but has quite a good bit of strategy especially on knowing how to spend resources and what upgrades to purchase. ... Give it a try, I think you will really enjoy it. (8 / 10)