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Healthy Heart Hospital

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Scott and Anna-Marie Nelson
1 to 5
Play Time:
90 minutes


Now available in our new VPG Premier Line edition!

Welcome to Anytown, U.S.A. where people grumble about the quality of their health care but still show up at Healthy Heart Hospital hoping they made a smart decision. Much has been said (and even more has been written) about the previous administration’s haphazard management of Healthy Heart. In an effort to save the Hospital, you and your allies among its leading Physicians have staged a recent “Clinical Coup” and taken over the Hospital to restore its prestige. However, actually managing things from the inside is never as easy as it appears from the outside, and juggling the responsibilities at Healthy Heart Hospital can quickly turn even the noblest healer into a money-grubbing pragmatist cynically looking for a place to hide the victims of your "care."

Does your team have what it takes to bring Healthy Heart Hospital back to its former glory without becoming Hard Hearted in the process?

Healthy Heart Hospital, from designers Scott and Anna Nelson, is a cooperative game for 1 to 5 players, played in rounds, with each player spending actions to treat and (hopefully) cure the various patients that come pouring into the hospital each round. Patients are represented by cubes of various colors. Color represents the type of illness, while the number of cubes represents the severity of the illness.

What's In The Box?:

• One 18-page, full-color Rulebook
• One game board
• Ten New Room cards
• 25 Ambulance cards
• Ten Doctor cards
• Five Administrator cards
• 88 wooden cubes (in six colors)
• 120 die-cut counters


Game Design: Scott and Anna Nelson
Development: Nathan Hansen, Victory Point Games
Illustrations: Chelsea Autio
Graphic Design: Chelsea Autio
Playtesting: Michelle Ball, Russ Camp, Alan Emrich, Taylor Flynn, Justin Jensen, Noelle Le Bienvenu, Jeremy Lennert, Noah Massaro, Barry Pike III, Jeffrey D. Roach, Petra Schlunk, Jim Silsby, Jr.
Proofreading: Noelle Le Bienvenu, Ian Wakeham, Karen Wolterman
Healthy Heart Hospital by David Neumann (Stately Play)
I enjoy playing Healthy Heart Hospital enough that I’m thinking of shelling out another $50 for the deluxe version just to get the new bits. It’s that good, at least as a solo game. ... If, like me, you enjoy quick and challenging solitaire experiences, Healthy Heart Hospital is one of the good ones.
Restore a failing hospital to success by Ryan Morgenegg (Deseret News)
For those who think this theme sounds interesting, the game does deliver a lot of fun. Please know that there is a fair amount of complexity for those that like a game with deep strategy. This is also a cooperative game where players work together. Overall, this is a gamer's game for those who like deep, engrossing simulations with lots of options.
Healthy Heart Hospital by Hex, Dice, Fire!
Healthy Heart Hospital is not a game for those with a fragile heart. The gameplay is really tense and frenetic, and the hospital’s destiny is really in your hands. I found Healthy Heart Hospital an innovative and amazing simulation with deep decision making and risk factors. ... The art is great, really, really captivating [and] the idea is original and well developed.
Dammit Man! I’m a Doctor not a… Wait a Second by Jeff McAleer (The Gaming Gang)
I happen to like Healthy Heart Hospital quite a lot and the theme of taking on the operation of a struggling hospital really shines through. ... Strange as it may seem as you play you’ll start looking at those cubes, bed tokens, and EKG monitors as more than simply markers. Sure, there’s tons of luck involved but ... there are a lot of challenges to overcome every time you play and even a marginal victory always feels hard fought. (8.9/10)
Body Hiding Simulator by Travis Williams (TechRaptor)
Healthy Heart Hospital is a great game that will really appeal to gamers who enjoy cooperative games such as Pandemic. The theme is excellent for a cooperative game, and the game’s sense of humor manages to lighten the tone with just the right amount of cheeky silliness. Play time is consistent and the difficulty is easily tweaked, whether players crave an easier experience or if they want to truly be challenged. Drawing cubes to spread and treat diseases is a great mechanic [and] the gameplay is interesting, fun and satisfying.
Healthy Heart Hospital by Michael Eckenfels (GrogHeads)
Healthy Heart Hospital requires a lot of luck, good management skills, and a lot of juggling and balancing to win, and you certainly won’t always come out ahead. The tension in this game is palpable as it progresses, giving even small victories a force multiplier like you wouldn’t believe. If you enjoy health-themed games and like something that gives you the flexibility to play by yourself or with other players, Healthy Heart Hospital would be a good addition to your game library.
Healthy Heart Hospital by Jonathan Nelson (Gaming Bits)
This is a great looking game that is rather fun to play [and also] great for those people that love games like Pandemic or other co-op games of that nature. ... All in all, the game is thematic and fun but a bit of a brain burner. I enjoy it.
Healthy Heart Hospital by Rex Brynen (PAXsims)
...Overall I found Healthy Heart Hospital to be a very enjoyable challenge, even as a solo game.

[T]here’s also much here—from workload and personnel management to strategic investment in staff training and physical infrastructure—that could be adapted or built upon for serious game designs. Although not intended for teaching purposes, it could be used in classroom setting for courses on health policy, public or private sector management, or public policy, with students asked to review the game or suggest game modifications that more closely model actual health care delivery challenges.

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    edit it in French

    Posted by royer on Oct 26th 2018

    very very good game!