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Front Cover

Hell's Gate

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Philip Sabin
1 or more
Play Time:
90 minutes

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Hell's Gate is a simulation game of the Battle of the Korsun Pocket in the Ukraine, during January and February of 1944. Two players direct the German and Soviet forces as they seek to capture or regain territory and inflict losses on the opposing side while minimizing their own losses. The simulation is also easily playable solitaire for those who wish to study the dynamics involved.

War games author, professor, and designer Philip Sabin introduced Hell's Gate in his book, Simulating War, and this Victory Point Games edition has polished the game's original components to bring you a great simulation game experience.

What's In The Box?:

• One 16-page, full-color Rules booklet (reference sheet included)
• One 11" x 17" cardstock game map with Turn Record track
• 70 thick, two-sided, multi-shaped game pieces
• One six-sided die
• One 11" x 17" mounted, jigsaw-cut game map
• One bright red, 9 1/4" x 5 7/8" Standard cardboard VPG game box
• One beautiful box cover sleeve
• One "Wipes-A-Lot" napkin
• One charcoal desiccant packet


Game Design: Philip Sabin
Development: Alan Emrich with Paul Koenig
Map Art & Graphics: Tim Allen
Cover Art: Barry Pike III
Playtesting: James Bennett, John Buck, David Grebe, Wayne Ho, Robert Hossal, Robert Lloyd, Oliver Lane, Ian Sundstrom, Sam Tranter, Arrigo Velicogna
Proofreading: Bill Barrett, Hermann Luttmann, Lance McMillan, Rick Partin, Ian Wakeham


Hell's Gate by Mitch Freedman (The Boardgaming Way)
What you get in Hell’s Gate is a really good introduction to war gaming ... Hell’s Gate gets high marks as a teaching tool, which is one of the goals. It also gets high marks for showing little things like concentration of forces by not allowing more than two units to attack through a single hex side in a single turn. You can stack as many units as you like, but you just can’t use them all. A nifty way to solve some problems on a board which has less hex rows than game turns.

For my part, I enjoyed playing a game with a different combat system for an interesting but one-sided battle.
Hell's Gate by Doug Adams (Boardgame Geek)
I've played a few micro wargames over the years [and] Hell's Gate is one of the better ones, and a keeper. Compact, plays in an hour, easy to set up, rules are straightforward yet the game play is delightfully chewy. This is a fine game. (8/10)
An Enjoyable and Educational Game by Joe Norris (Boardgame Geek)
Overall, I really like this game and consider Hell's Gate a worthy addition to my collection. It's strength lies in how it takes traditional wargame elements and sequences them in a new and very interesting way. I also find it very impressive how Mr. Sabin was able to illustrate historic situations and difficulties, such as force-to-space ratios and tactical trade-offs, utilizing seemingly simple wargame mechanics. It's a remarkably well-crafted game and I highly recommend this for historic gamers as well as to anyone looking for a good introduction into wargames.
Hell's Gate by Boardgames in Blighty
Overall, I would say that all war gamers interested in the Eastern front in WW2 should make this a must buy for their collection for those times when you need a game fix but don’t have a lot of time or for those times when you want to introduce new gamers to war games. This game is also a nice teaching tool for teaching youngsters about military history.

A winner on all fronts!