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Hermann Luttmann

Hermann Luttmann lives on Long Island, New York with his high school sweetheart, who he reconnected with after 35 years apart. He is a father of three and a grandfather of two and works his “real job” as an accountant for an international freight forwarding company. He is a huge New York Mets baseball fan, loves hardcore rock n’ roll and all eras of wargaming, but most particularly the period from Marlborough through the First World War.

Hermann first dabbled in game design by developing and playtesting in the 1990’s for 3W and Clash of Arms. But he actually began his “design career” in 2011 thanks to the opportunity afforded him by Alan Emrich. After an enlightening e-mail exchange with Alan discussing miniatures wargaming, there emerged the idea to design a boardgame/miniatures hybrid game of a style that no other company had previously ever attempted. Thus was born the Tattered Flags system and its first installment, Gettysburg: The Wheatfield. Hot on the heels of this first-ever design came Dawn of the Zeds (inspired by a playing of Zulus on the Ramparts) and High & Tight. In 2012 VPG published In Magnificent Style and in 2013 printed Duel of Eagles: Mars-La-Tour 1870. In the meantime, Hermann has also been published by White Dog Games and has a number of ongoing projects with various publishers, as well as future new designs with VPG.

Hermann’s basic philosophy is to design games on what he knows and what he loves, but with a focus on trying to do it differently than anybody else. Roaming “outside the box” as far as a design’s presentation and mechanics is a goal with all his games.