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Hero of Weehawken

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Robert Leonhard
Play Time:
60 minutes

Thomas Jefferson

Hero of Weehawken, from designer Robert Leonhard, is a solitaire game where you are President Thomas Jefferson at a dangerous moment in the history of the young American Republic. Your former Vice President, Aaron Burr, is disgraced in your eyes after killing Alexander Hamilton in a duel in Weehawken, New Jersey, and is now somewhere out West. Rumors abound that he is threatening the nation with conspiratorial plans for some sort of ill-advised military adventure that could bring America to war with Spain or worse! Your suspicions are that Burr might even commit an act of treason against the nation by breaking off the Western States to form his own empire or stage a coup d'etat at your very doorstep!

To forestall this disaster, you must first determine Burr's real intentions, and then find and arrest him before he executes his plan. Along the way, you must gather sufficient evidence to convict Burr at trial. If your agents arrest him too soon, you will not have gathered enough evidence or determined what to charge him with. If you wait too long, however, you may be too late to stop his infamous expedition.

Do you have what it takes to gather the right information in time? With the destiny of The Republic and your legacy in history at stake, issue your own Presidential Proclamation and arrest Aaron Burr now!

About the Aaron Burr Trial:

To find out more about the Aaron Burr Trial, check out this video! See also the Great Trials in History - Aaron Burr Treason Trial video, and the Judicial U.S. Conference video.

Game Components:

• One 8-page, full-color Rules booklet with examples of play
• One 8½" x 11" paper game map
• Two 8½" x 5½" mats (Plan and Trial)
• One player aid sheet
• 32 5/8" square game pieces
• 60 Event cards
• Polybag packaging and component storage


Game Design: Robert Leonhard
Docs & Development: Alan Emrich
Map Art: Tim Allen
Playtesting: Anthony Berrios, Frank Chadwick, Tom Heaney, Brian Hurrel, Joe Miranda, John Welch
Proofreading: Bryan Armor, Bill Barrett, Ian Wakeham


Hero of Weehawken by Boardgames in Blighty
As a design, I think that Robert Leonhard has done quite a job really, filtering all of the historical information into a system which ... is a concise and structured journey. This is a very clever game and very interesting on the historical side.

If you like abstract games and deduction games, I would highly recommend Hero of Weehawken, as it's a well designed, interesting game.
History Buffs will Dig it by Giant Fire Breathing Robot
I can enthusiastically recommend Weehawken for any history buff who has opportunities to game by his or herself.