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Imperial Stars II expansion #1

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Chris Taylor
2 or more
Play Time:
60 minutes
In this first expansion kit for designer Chris Taylor’s tiny titan of a 4X game, Imperial Stars II, the wars between the imperiled human factions have received greater consideration with the addition of epic gameplay. Player options are now expanded into the realm of technological development (to make each civilization more distinctive), and development of Planetary Systems allows for some critical modification of the economic and military lay of the map.

With the enhanced narrative provided by the addition of Events each Galactic Cycle, social and political considerations are brought into play along with some old-fashioned surprises. Both sides have new Defense Satellite units, plus their own unique ships for both factions including those with Keel Guns, Torpedoes, and Phase Defense Arrays. New Planet markers add spice to the variety of discoveries, and a special Long Game scenario is also included for even more epic-ness!

There is a great new feel to the game courtesy of the smooth, elegant systems and components included in Imperial Stars II Expansion Kit 1.
Note: You must own a copy of Imperial Stars II to use this expansion kit.

Game Components:

• One 8-page, full-color Rules booklet
• 25 cards
• Two player aid mats
• 54 thick, laser-cut, multi-shaped counter pieces (minor assembly required)


Game Design: Chris Taylor with Alan Emrich
Development: Alan Emrich with Kevin Fortuna
Ship Illustrations: PROJECT TEAM DoGA
Graphic Design: Chris Taylor and Chris Magoun
Playtesting: Kevin Fortuna, Nathan Hansen, Lance McMillan, Scott Muldoon, Zachary VandeKamp
Proofreading: Rick Partin, Leigh Toms, Karen Wolterman

Game Resources

(Rules require a PDF viewer installed in your browser, or right-click to download and open with a PDF reader)