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  • Fun is Never Lost in Translation! - Thursday June 7, 2018, 8:33 am

    Zeds 3 RumorVictory Point Games and Maldito Games are very pleased to announce that the Spanish language versions of

    • Dawn of the Zeds and
    • Nemo's War

    are now being translated with an initial product release scheduled for the first half of 2019.

    Read More for all the details!

  • Zeds 3 - Rails and Rumors - Thursday June 7, 2018, 8:04 am

    Zeds 3 box

    When we last left our heroes, Farmingdale was looking for A Few Good Heroes (Expansion Pack 1) and looking at a case of the New Player Blues (Expansion Pack 2). Here we investigate two new gameplay mechanics can definitely help players fight the Zeds.

    Announcer: “We interrupt this broadcast to bring you more news from around our beleaguered town of Farmingdale. We take you now to ‘Large Scoop’ Gellatte on the inside track at the Farmingdale Rail Yard. Scoop?”

  • Theater Reserves in Thunder in the East - Friday May 25, 2018, 3:21 pm

    TITE logoNothing up My Sleeve!

    When employing the Optional Theater Reserve rule and its associated Faction mats, new adopters to the Franck Chadwick's ETO game system seldom give its implications their due. After all, the titanic clash of units, large in scope and measured in operational execution, is a full-focus exercise. Theater Reserves sound great in theory, but who really uses them in practice? Authors John Tiehen and Alan Emrich think you should, that's who!

  • ETO Buildup and Breakdown - Friday May 25, 2018, 10:03 am

    ETO logoWhen to Build 'Em Up and Break 'Em Down

    The Large and Small Benefits inside Your Change Box

    Frank Chadwick's ETO offers Large, Medium, and Small units on land, air, and sea (with the different size Naval units appearing in the series' next game, The Middle Sea). However, it is the nature of Ground units to enjoy a malleable organization structure, and this story is told through each faction's Change box. Alan Emrich explains how this works, so Read More for a full explanation!

  • VPG's Privacy Policy Update - Friday May 25, 2018, 7:59 am

    Greetings, gamers! Like everyone else these days, Victory Point Games is announcing our compliance with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). READ MORE for all the details.


Select Range:
  1. Renegade
  2. Renegade Booster Pack 1 (Christmas at the Hack Shack)
  3. Renegade Booster Pack 2 (Fire & Chaos)
  4. Nemo's War: 2nd Edition
  5. Napoleonic 20 Expansion Kit
  6. Ancient Battles Deluxe (ABD)
  7. A Blood-Red Banner
  8. Fleets 2025
  9. Toe-to-Toe Nu'klr Combat with the Rooskies
  10. Large Empty Game Box
  11. Darkest Night: Second Edition
  12. The Lost Cause
  13. Hundred Days 20
  14. ABD Exp. Kit 2: Hell's Horsemen
  15. ABD Exp. Kit 1: Elephants at War
  16. Chariots of Rome Add-on Pack
  17. Keep Up The Fire!
  18. The Barbarossa Campaign
  19. Trenches of Valor
  20. The Lost Cause Exp. Kit
  21. Astra Titanus
  22. Imperial Stars II expansion #1
  23. Soviet Dawn
  24. ABD Exp. Kit 3: Strange Ordnance
  25. Hero of Weehawken
  26. Assault on Sevastopol
  27. Israeli Independence Exp. Kit
  28. ABD Exp. Kit 4: Art of War
  29. Imperial Stars II expansion #2
  30. Israeli Independence
  31. ABD Exp. Kit 5: Design Your Own
  32. Wings for the Baron
  33. Trenches of Valor Exp. Kit
  34. ABD Exp. Kit 5.1: Way of the Samurai
  35. Healthy Heart Hospital
  36. Zulus on the Ramparts! 2nd Edition
  37. Ottoman Sunset 2nd Edition
  38. Darkest Night: Second Edition Commentary Book
  39. Battle for Moscow Exp. Kit
  40. Mound Builders
  41. In Magnificent Style
  42. Empires in America 2nd Edition
  43. Darkest Night: The Small Hours
  44. Jumbo Empty Game Box
  45. Battle for Moscow
  46. Legions of Darkness
  47. Cruel Necessity
  48. Soviet Dawn Exp. Kit
  49. The Last King of Scotland
  50. Disaster on Everest
  51. For the Crown 2nd Edition
  52. Fuentes de Oñoro 20
  53. High Treason: The Trial of Louis Riel
  54. Twilight of the Gods: Age of Revelation
  55. Moonbase Alpha
  56. Levee en Masse
  57. The Chosin Few
  58. Prussia 20
  59. Ernie the Geek Dawn of the Zeds Promo Pack
  60. Forlorn: Hope
  61. España 20: Volume 1
  62. España 20: Volume 2
  63. Imperial Stars II
  64. Wallachia 20
  65. For the Crown expansion #2: The World is Round
  66. Chariots of Rome
  67. Cuba: The Splendid Little War
  68. Trifecta
  69. Danube 20
  70. Trieste
  71. For the Crown expansion #3: Between Heaven and Earth
  72. Knockout
  73. Strike Force One: Expert Game Exp. Kit
  74. Leuthen: Frederick's Greatest Victory
  75. Hapsburg Eclipse
  76. Legions of Darkness Exp. Kit
  77. For the Crown Variant: All the King's Men
  78. Gem Rush Skill Cards
  79. Aliens vs. Zombies
  80. Caesar XL
  81. The Alamo Remembered 2nd Edition
  82. Villainous Vikings, 2nd Edition
  83. Caesar XL Exp. Kit
  84. A.D. 30
  85. Strike Force One
  86. For the Crown expansion #1: Shock & Awe
  87. Darkest Night: Second Edition Miniatures Box

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Victory Point Games is a small format, indie board game publisher currently based in Southern California. Though our business was founded on a passion for the historical war genre, over the years we have enthusiastically expanded our repertoire to include strategy, card, family, and casual board games. Our focus is to produce easy to learn, easy to teach, and quick to play games that are fun and accessible for any level of gaming experience.