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John Poniske

John Poniske is a veteran designer living in Central Pennsylvania. He has five published games to his credit with four different companies. Three were released in 2010.

Hearts and Minds by Worthington Games (First Edition 2010, Second Edition 2014).
Leaping Lemmings by GMT in 2010.
King Philip's War by MMP in 2010.
HUGS by VPG in 2013
Lincoln's War by MMP in 2014.

John currently has Maori Wars: New Zealand 1845 - 1872 and Fire on the Mountain on Pre-pub. with Legion Wargames, while Amigos and Insurrectos is due out in Issue #10 of Battles Magazine, and Ambush at Albany in S&T Magazine are due to be published in the Fall of 2014. John is no stranger to game design and has had four games published by three different companies. He says he has plenty more designs on the shelf awaiting the light of day.

He invites you to visit his LinkedIn webpage