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Kai Jensen

I grew up playing board games on rainy days with my sisters and the kids in the neighborhood – any day it wasn’t raining, we were outside running around and making up our own games in the dirt. I continued playing games through college and beyond – phasing through role-playing adventures, into miniatures wargames and finally full-fledged wargames – but I always came back to board games somehow. These days, I have the good fortune to be married to a full-time game designer and both our grown kids also play games. Our granddaughter is too young for board games yet, but I’m betting it runs in the family!

My one game design, King's Critters, was the result of a learning experiment when I was new to assisting my husband in the development of his games. He told me to design a game and keep it simple so I could learn the complex interactions between game components during design. Any change to a single element meant multiple changes to other items and a cascade effect would ripple out through the design. I persevered through the process and am proud of the result. The game is simple but fun – just what I intended. I hope you enjoy it!