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Legions of Darkness Exp. Kit

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Chris Taylor
Play Time:
30 minutes or less
From the depths of sorcery and hidden behind a film of dust comes the Legions of Darkness expansion kit, Book of Magic, introducing new spells, a new type of hero, and fierce enemy bosses to wreak havoc on your castle's defenders. There's even talk of a necromancer who walks the lands, constantly raising the dead to infest the high castle walls.

Can you use these new spells wisely against the fearless undead and frightening beasts? Discover it for yourself and open up the Book of Magic!
Note: The Legions of Darkness: Book of Magic expansion kit is not a "stand alone" game. You must own a copy of Legions of Darkness to use it.

Game Components:

• One 2-page, full-color Rules sheet
• 12 Event cards (8 Day and 4 Night cards)
• 13 double-sided 5/8" round markers


Game Design and Documentation: Chris Taylor
Illustrator: Kevin Crossley
Coloring: Scott Everts
Playtesting: Jeremy Lennert, Michael Matecha, Dan Roberts
Proofreading: Ian Wakeham

Special thanks: Michael Lavoie and David Spangler


Legions of Darkness expansion #1 by Jason C. (Play Board Games)
The Book of Magic adds some fun new elements to Legions of Darkness. Nothing added is ground-breaking, but all of it continues the tense defense experience of the base game.

I love the King Guardian and homage it pays to Army of Darkness. He even has a special power, “This is My Boomstick.” That is just too awesome. The new spells are nice and fit the theme perfectly, while the bosses are just plain tough. All these elements plus new Event Cards increase the tension and replayability of Legions of Darknesss. If you own it, the Book of Magic expansion will only add to the fun you are having.

Game Resources

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