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Levee en Masse Exp. Kit

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John Welch
Play Time:
30 minutes
The Levée en Masse expansion kit broadens the storyboard for the Wars of the French Revolution, starring the man himself: Napoleon Bonaparte! In addition to "the little corporal," who is there to lead the armies of the revolution to victory (and the government to despotism!), there are more Allied armies to face. The forces of Russia, Spain, and the British War Office make their presence felt on the game board, while new Optional Rules allow the player to scrape up the Paris Garrison and fling them into battle, plus play for decisive military victories and defeats.

New scenarios and Designer's Notes round out the package that's sure to put a new "turn" in the revolution!

Note: The Levée en Masse expansion kit is not a "stand alone" game. You must own a copy of Levée en Masse to use it.

Game Components:

• One instructions sheet with new Optional Rules and Scenarios
• Six additional counters, including Napoleon and the armies for Russia, Britain, and Spain
• 12 new Event cards


Game Design: John Welch
Docs & Development: Alan Emrich
Playtesting & Proofreading: Ian Wakeham