Share some serious fun with us at Gen Con this year (August 2 through August 5)! We are rolling out the red carpet for you with events for Renegade, Twilight of the Gods, Darkest Night 2nd Edition, Chariots of Rome, and Nemo’s War 2nd Edition.

If you are interested in the fun and want to play your cards right as you roll through some turns, click here to grab your free event tickets! Search for us by name, Victory Point Games, by game, or by using the specific Event Code (Game ID) for the game and date/time you want (see chart below).

All events run for 2 to 3 hours and take place in Hall C in the convention center, right near the info booth.

GameDay/DateTimeGame ID/Event Code
Chariots of Rome Thursday 8/2/18 18:00 BGM18139882
Chariots of Rome Friday 8/3/18 18:00 BGM18139883
Chariots of Rome Saturday 8/4/18 18:00 BGM18139884
Darkest Night 2nd Edition Thursday 8/2/18 14:00 BGM18139878
Darkest Night 2nd Edition Friday 8/3/18 14:00 BGM18139879
Darkest Night 2nd Edition Saturday 8/4/18 14:00 BGM18139880
Darkest Night 2nd Edition Sunday 8/5/18 13:00 BGM18139881
Nemo's War 2nd Edition Thursday 8/2/18 13:00 BGM18139885
Nemo's War 2nd Edition Friday 8/3/18 13:00 BGM18139886
Nemo's War 2nd Edition Saturday 8/4/18 13:00 BGM18139887
Renegade Thursday 8/2/18 10:00 BGM18139850
Renegade Thursday 8/2/18 16:00 BGM18139851
Renegade Friday 8/3/18 10:00 BGM18139852
Renegade Friday 8/3/18 16:00 BGM18139853
Renegade Saturday 8/4/18 10:00 BGM18139854
Renegade Saturday 8/4/18 16:00 BGM18139855
Renegade Sunday 8/5/18 09:00 BGM18139856
Twilight of the Gods Thursday 8/2/18 12:00 CGM18139873
Twilight of the Gods Friday 8/3/18 12:00 CGM18139874
Twilight of the Gods Saturday 8/4/18 12:00 CGM18139875
Twilight of the Gods Sunday 8/5/18 11:00 CGM18139876