VPG is relaunching with a new website!

New front page

Our VPG website is moving to a new platform host (Big Commerce, who have a great reputation) with a whole new look.

The redesign is currently very much in progress and will continue our most-desired features including:

•   Our web blogs
•   A complete store where product pages allow you to plumb the depths of a game before you make a purchase (including links to reviews, etc.) so you do not "bet your money on the come" buying our games).
•   Pre-ordering
•   Faster loading for a better site experience
•   Mobile device optimization
•   Complementing our e-newsletter, working harmoniously
•   And European Privacy Policy compliant!

Product page Mobile

Attention VPG customers: One bit of data that did not transfer over from the old site were your passwords! So, yes, you will need to re-establish your accounts and set up your password again. Sorry about that, but it simply could not be helped in "the big move" to our new website. We hope you will stick with us and enjoy the cool new look and features.

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