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Expansion Pack 2: New Player Blues

Announcer: "We interrupt our weekly Jazz-Blues Festival broadcast to bring you this news update from Farmingdale Town Center."

"Shock Man" Bronson: "Attention! Sit up straight, and prove you're alive! This is the Shock Man here with you about a new kind of "blues, the New Player Blues. Psycho, see if you can you get an interview with that couple over there!"

Burt "Psycho" Ward: "On it! Excuse me, WZED; we're live and hope you are too. What happened to you?"

Man: "We had to check on family; they ambushed us."

Woman: "My mother! What happened to my mother!? She attacked my husband!!"

Psycho: "So you didn't notice anything out of the ordinary at first?"

Man: "No. Her mother is always like that, but where I usually get biting remarks, this time I just got biting."

Woman: "Shut up, John! How could you?"

[fading] John: "Me? It was your mother…"

[screams and panic in the background]

Shock Man: "And that's the story, my friends. First-time apocalypse dwellers hoped for something more, something different, and for them we are bringing you this public service message…"

Commercial: In Dawn of the Zeds 3 Expansion Pack 2: New Player Blues, the action at Farmingdale takes a wider turn. Because you shuffle blue cards into every game, adding more of them will create greater narrative variety at each scenario level.

Zeds 3 Fortune Favors the Prepared

While these are "easy" cards to grasp for beginners (thus making them blue level), they do not, collectively,ease gameplay difficulty! We have taken great care to make sure that every Act at every Level remains a fun, brutal challenge!

New cards include:


[Blue; Act I]: Fortune Favors the Prepared

[Blue; Act I]: Denial is Not a River in Egypt

Zeds 3 Xkit 2 END card

[Blue; Act I]: Let's Move, People!

[Blue; Act I]: Panic is Self-Preservation

[Blue; Act II]: There's No Time for That!

[Blue; Act II]: Standing Strong when Standing Alone

[Blue; Act III]: Shhh! I Know They're Out There…

[Blue; Act IV]: I Am So Psyched For This!

[Blue; END]: Are There Any Left?

Zeds 3 Xkit 2 City Planners Strike BackFate:

[Blue; Hold]: City Planners Strike Back!

[Blue; Hold]: Cooler Heads Prevailed

[Blue; Play]: The Mayor's Daughter is Missing!

[Blue; Play]: You're Stuck on Stupid!


Psycho: "Shock! Shock! Look over there. Do you recognize her, man?"

Shock Man: "Yeah, I think so. Isn't she the Bouncer at Reggie's Roadhouse? Umm… Betty isn't it?"

Psycho: "Right, Bouncing Betty. I haven't seen her looking that angry since she was shiv'ed by a jealous moll from Petra's Angels last Christmas Eve. Man, I bet they're still sweeping out the pieces."

Zeds 3 Xkit 2 Bouncing Betty Bolivar

Shock Man: "Hey! Hey, Betty! It's Shock Man from WZED and we're live. What brings you out here?"

"Bouncing" Betty Bolivar: "For what they did to my purrito, I will kill them. Again. All of them!"

Psycho: "And there she goes! Unarmed, determined… Shock, she doesn't strike me as someone who would care one bit about our community. What's a purrito, I'm afraid to ask?"

Shock Man: "It's not what you had for lunch, Burt. I think it's her little dog. [low whistle] There goes "Bouncing" Betty straight into the fight and, wow, is she pissed off. Those Zeds are really in trouble…"

Announcer: "We interrupt this broadcast to bring you more news from around our beleaguered town of Farmingdale. We take you now to "Large Scoop" Gellatte on the inside track at the Farmingdale Rail Yard. Scoop?"

Stay tuned for our third Expansion Kit's teaser next time!