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Announcer: “We interrupt this broadcast to bring you more news from around our beleaguered town of Farmingdale. We take you now to ‘Large Scoop’ Gellatte on the inside track at the Farmingdale Rail Yard. Scoop?

“Large Scoop” Gellatte: “Keep calm everyone and stay tuned to WZED for the latest news from the Battle for Farmingdale. This is ‘Large Scoop’ Gellatte here at the Farmingdale Rail Yard where I have just left a meeting of Railroad workers and managers from the Amrail service and Rochester Freight lines. United now in propose to meet the growing threat, Farmingdale’s freight and commuter trains have abruptly stopped, turned, and adopted a ‘war footing’ to coordinate their activities with local leaders.

We just spoke to Conductor ‘Choo-Choo’ Charlie Trestle:”

Zeds 3 Railroad“Choo-Choo” Charlie: The rails, and trains that run on them, are very strategic pieces on the chessboard around Farmingdale. If their cargo-carrying or strong defensive nature can help the cause, we rail workers are all aboard to do our part.”

Scoop: “How much attention authorities can give to the extemporaneous movement and deployment of these giant steel trains is hard to say. With smart planning, the rail lines could become lifelines to the defenders at our community’s outskirts. And now, back to our studio…”

As local residents know, the two tracks which intersect at Farmingdale’s Rail Yard include the Amrail commuter line running through the suburbs and mountains, and the Rochester Freight line rumbling through the forest and along the highway. Keeping key outposts in rail communication has its own rewards but the ability to redeploy quickly and set up a “train defense” barrier to supplement the local defenses has proven effective.

Unfortunately, there is some effort required to shift outbound trains around to inbound trains, and if these barricades-on-wheels are overrun by Zeds, they cannot be recovered.

Announcer: “Thank you, Scoop! We now take you to our roving reporter, Angela Hart. Angela, thank you for your report last hour from Farmingdale General Hospital. You told us that many terrified residents are being triaged out and moved to the newly-organized Refugees Camp, is that right?”

Angela Hart: “That’s right, and hello, everyone! This is Angela Heart with the Farmingdale ‘beat’ and I am at the new Refugee Camp that is setting up on several acres of undeveloped County land just outside the Farmingdale Mall District. As the human mosaic of our community shuffles in, stunned, exhausted, some wounded and others regrouping to fight, there is one constant among them: rumors.

Excuse me, officer. I’m Angela Hart from WZED and we’re still live. May I ask you a few questions?”

Officer: “Over there, m’am; that’s the line for water.

Huh? Sure. And it’s ‘cadet,’ not officer. Every first responder and military cadet has been called out to manage traffic, set up field stations, and organize refugee centers.”

Angela Hart: “That’s very good to know. What is your name, cadet….?”

Cadet: “Auric; Jenny Auric.”

Angela Hart: “And what have you been hearing from your neighbors seeking shelter at this camp?”

Cadet Auric: “Everything along the grief process since losing their homes and many loved ones, including the new last step: revenge. A lot of newcomers are organizing themselves into helper or warrior bands and going back out there. It’s enough to…

Laurie! Laurie! Can you help that little boy, please? He looks lost. Thanks!

I’m sorry, you were asking?”

Angela Hart: “So you’ve heard nothing useful from them to report to our listeners?”

Zeds 3 RumorCadet Auric: “Actually, there have been some fantastic rumors about wonders out there that might save the day. They’re being checked as quickly as we can and many have already been discredited, I’m afraid.”

Angela Hart: “What kind of rumors?”

Cadet Auric: “It seems pretty far-fetched, but things like military war plans, or the location of ‘the red phone.’ One guy said the new Tall-Mart distribution center was just stocked; I bet this wasn’t the Grand Opening they expected. Another guy said he worked with the Federal Gun Registry and that has a lot of implications from the practical to the constitutional.

Zeds 3 Tall-MartLet’s see… I’ve heard about an ancient burial site, a glowing green crystal, and the important writings of different professors and scientists predicting this very crisis. My personal favorite is the lady from DARPA; she says they’re testing their latest battlesuit in a secret facility nearby. Pretty wild stuff, huh?”

Angela Hart: “Those are some amazing speculations. Thank you, cadet Auric. This is Angela Hart with the Farmingdale ‘beat’ returning you to WZED for the latest refugee center locations opening near you and reminding you to always find your reflection of the bright side of things. Today’s happy thought is: no longer are the only sure things in life ‘death and taxes;’ apparently, now it’s just taxes!”

When each Refugees unit makes its way into the Refugee Camp, a Fate draw determines the track where a Rumor is placed on the space with the strongest Zeds mob or unit. It is usually a brutal fight to claim them, but when confirmed they bestow large benefits to the defense of Farmingdale. These encourage you to bring Refugees to safety and offer new high risk, high reward strategy options to clear tracks to discover their rumors.