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Playtest Now


As a small game company with a regular release schedule, we're almost always working a number of games at the same time. To facilitate this, we need your help to test games in the beta phase of development.

To be a tester you need a few things:

•  The time and desire to play the same game over and over, especially if it's not necessarily working as intended.

•  The right number of people to test the game; some of our games are solitaire, but others really need multiple players to truly iron out any kinks.

•  An organized and analytical mind, so that you can determine what, if any, aspects of the game are not working properly and describe that to our development team so we can attempt to fix the game.

Some of our tests are done as a print-and-play, others as VASSAL modules, but most of our testing will involve mailing you a physical test kit. This means we have a strong preference towards testers in the US or Canada, but we will still consider taking on international testers. We will only allow you to test for one game at a time, so we would advise that you only submit your name for your top choice.

If you become a tester for one of our games, be ready to write on or otherwise modify the components we send you; when changes are made to the design, we cannot afford to send you new components, so you'll need to update them in whatever way necessary.

The following games are currently looking for playtesters:

No games are in need of playtesters at this time

Please email contact[at]victorypointgames[dot]com with a short explanation of why you should be added to the team, along with an address and contact information. Thank you!.