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Renegade Booster Pack 1 (Christmas at the Hack Shack)

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Richard Wilkins
1 or more
Play Time:
90 minutes
Foil Pack



Colored Lights Blink with New Advanced Commands!

In the world of Renegade, the freedom-fighting “hackers” must save their fellow citizens by entering the Super-Massive Computers (SMCs) that have risen to control the population. To aid in the efforts of programming the SMCs' demise, the Hackers’ handy helpers at the Hack Shack have their holiday wares on display in this exciting Booster Pack. Pick up a Cino-Bracelet, practice some Livewire Voodoo, or perhaps a Christmas Tree is the right gift for the SMC known as “Mother.”


•   10 Advanced Command cards
NOTE: You must own a copy of Renegade to enjoy this Booster Pack.

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