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Soviet Dawn Exp. Kit

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Darin Leviloff
Play Time:
30 minutes or less
The Soviet Dawn expansion kit brings players "another revolution" in solitaire gameplay with plenty of Optional Rules to help tell a more dramatic story with the Front Battles (decisive victories and defeats, and committing the "last battalion" to swing the outcome). Other Optional Rules include the use of the CHEKA and political recovery upon retaking Petrograd and Kiev.

A dozen additional cards complete the storyboard (filling in the holes in the original card numbering sequence) and allowing for a new variety of scenarios to be played, including the Historical Scenario where events occur in their actual sequence.
Note: The Soviet Dawn expansion kit is not a "stand alone" game. You must own a copy of Soviet Dawn to use it.

Game Components:

• One instruction sheet with new Optional Rules and Scenarios
• 12 new Darkness and Dawn Event cards


Game Design: Darin A. Leviloff and Alan Emrich
Docs & Development: Alan Emrich
Playtesting & Proofreading: Tom Black, M. Evan Brooks, Vince DeNardo, Daniel Gray, Stephanie Newland, Bob Titran

Game Resources

(Rules require a PDF viewer installed in your browser, or right-click to download and open with a PDF reader)