Soviet Dawn

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A solitaire game of the Russian Civil War, 1918-1921.

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2008 CSR Award Nominee
Soviet Dawn brings Darin Leviloff's novel States of Siege™ game system (introduced in VPG's Israeli Independence) back for a much larger storytelling adventure covering the Russian Civil War from 1918 to 1921. With several enemy "Fronts" converging on Moscow, the fate of the revolution and the prestige of international communism rests on your ability to manage and resolve every crisis that the "Whites" can assail you with.

As the headlines unfold, you draw upon military and political resources to help you, or try to reorganize the Red Army for special abilities that can greatly enhance your position. Who knows? You might even capture the Imperial Gold Reserve!

Can you deal with the great crises of that time and defend the revolution? Will you withdraw from the Great War (WW1) or exercise the Bukharin Option and fight on? Can you execute the Czar in time, or will the Whites rescue him? Will you fortify Petrograd or press your offensives home? How will you deal with internal and external dissent? Play Soviet Dawn and see!

Game Components:

•   One 8-page, full-color Rules booklet
•   One 11" x 17" paper game map
•   16 color, die-cut 5/8" mounted game pieces
•   12 color, die-cut 3/4" mounted game pieces
•   48 Headline cards
•   Detailed example of play plus Designer's Notes
•   Polybag packaging and component storage


Game Design: Darin A. Leviloff
Documentation & Development: Alan Emrich
Map Art: Tim Allen
Playtesting: Paul Aceto, Dennis Bishop, M. Evan Brooks, Vince DeNardo, Daniel Gray, Tulloch McKinley, Lance McMillan, Kim Meints, Dave Schubert, Andrei Shlepov
Additional Playtesting: Steve Carey, Andy Lewis

Game Data

Number of Players Solitaire
Age 13+
Playing Time Approximately 25 minutes
Difficulty 3
Solitaire Suitability 9
Designer Darin Leviloff
Developer Alan Emrich


The Long and Short of it... by Mark Delesdernier (BoardGameGeek)
This solitaire game is engaging from beginning to end and successfully engrosses the player in the events of the Russian Revolution. Because there are various ways to lose and win, the game is extraordinarily replayable. Definitely deserves the 9 I gave it.
Solitaire Fun: Soviet Dawn after 30 Plays by Marc Frank (BoardGameGeek)
Non-wargamers take note: Soviet Dawn is not just for grognards. Euro players looking for a solitaire fix would do well to check it out...

Replayability seems to be excellent; after 30 games I'm eager for more. The game gets deeper rather than shallower with repeated plays. It's thoroughly addictive, tense and fun. ... Not only has Soviet Dawn sold me on the game, it's sold me on the designer, game series ("States of Siege"), and publisher.
Soviet Dawn by Web Grognards
I found the game suprisingly sophisticated and tense. The variance in card order will assure a different game every time, and the strategic choices are varied enough to provide a real challenge. This will be a must to bring along for travel.
Soviet Dawn by Kyle Smith (The Critical Boardgamer)
I've played Soviet Dawn every day since I got it. Mostly twice a day. The most I've played it is five times in one day! I'm absolutely in love with it.