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TITE team "TITE-ans" playtesting at CSW 2017How Can I Participate?

Welcome to the Thunder in the East Open Beta Playtest using Vassal! You must have the latest version of Vassal installed on your computer and must use it in order to participate in this final beta testing. Ken Keller has put this module together for you and he will be assisting you with any Vassal issues.

Thunder in the East (TitE) is the first title in the Frank Chadwick’s ETO series of games that mate to cover all of WWII in Europe. TitE covers the Russian Front from 1941-1944 and has evolved, fully grown, from its humble antecedent, the 1986 introductory wargame classic: Battle for Moscow. We have had Thunder in the East (and the ETO game series in general) on our playtest tables for some years now, and so are confident that you will be appraising a well-evolved “mini-monster” wargame in the best traditions of a Frank Chadwick design.


Please, begin by downloading this .zip file:

Beta Playtest Kit Download Link Here!

Latest version 0.9.2 posted 14 January 2018
The latest version changes are noted in an included file.

Please read the TiTE Player Help file, accessible within any scenario in the module from the main menu (Help -> TiTE Player Help). This guide shows where to find all of the game components in the module, and gets updated with each version to explain new content.

TITE scenario book cover

Ciick on this latest Scenario Book link for the most current setup information!

When you open it, you will find the game’s Vassal playtest module, and .pdf files for the rules, scenario, and glossary books (in case you would like to print those or search them electronically). The Vassal module presents the game’s first two (of six) scenarios, Operation Barbarossa, which will be the focus of this final playtesting push before the Thunder in the East Kickstarter is launched a few day after Christmas this year, and Operation Typhoon which presents some very interesting new challenges as the weather changes and the Soviets counterattack. Linking these two into a Campaign Game is also a great wargaming experience.

The rules are divided into three sections: Standard, Optional, and Campaign Game. You will only need the Standard rules to commence playing and are certainly free to add any or all of the Optional rules to suit (Optional rules have a light yellow highlight when referenced). Do not brave the Campaign Game for your first game (when you are ready for it, you will find its rules have an orange highlight). The Campaign Game is a different animal because of the new rules it adds (Morale and Economics, in particular) and because play extends beyond the Barbarossa scenario length for as long as you like – and you will want a little experience before taking that walk!

There are three things we would like from you as a playtester:

TITE vassal playtest1. Your take on the rules; in particular, are there any fuzzy areas or questions you have? The systems are pretty locked in at this point, so please don’t ask us for a complete redesign of something (we’re past the point of adding “good ideas” to this game in the series), but do a good turn for your fellow wargamer by helping us to tighten the language and fix the rules’ errors in spelling and cross-references, please.

2. Tell us if the game provides good “narrative gameplay” that tells the story of this part of the War in the East in a satisfactory way. Did things on the ground “flow right” in a plausible way with how history might have gone? Was the gameplay filled with interesting operational “puzzles” on the map, and were meaningful decisions required to address those situations? Did the flow of the game create memorable “moments” that you can recount to us?

3. At the end of the Scenario (IV September 1941), did the Victory Conditions feel about right for your situation on the ground? Did they properly drive gameplay to achieve them (remember that Moscow and Leningrad count as two Objective Cities each)?

Those are the “big things” we would like to hear about from you, but we are certainly interested in whatever an experienced wargamer has to say about this game and its systems.

Please, contact us to introduce yourself, and later send your feedback. via email to:

lancemcmillan[at]victorypointgames[dot]com (and please CC alanemrich[at]victorypointgames[dot]com)

and/or post up on our ETO Series ConsimWorld Forum at:


We very much want to hear from you on that forum and share our playtesting thoughts with our fellow wargamers!

The ball is in your court once the game is on your computer. We stand by ready to answer your questions and listen to your thoughtful comments. Please enjoy the ride while playing Thunder in the East. We will be very satisfied if you find it a great throwback to the days when wargames were a real rush of fun!


The TitE Team!