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Front Cover

Toe-to-Toe Nu'klr Combat with the Rooskies

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Chris Taylor
Play Time:
30 minutes or less
The "Go Code" has been received and the war plan decoded; it is time to turn your B-52 into Soviet air space and head for your primary target. You've got 50,000 lbs. of fuel, two H-bombs, a crew looking to you for leadership, and a mission that your country needs you to fulfill.

Toe-to-Toe Nu'klr Combat with the Rooskies, from designer Chris Taylor, is a fast-playing solitaire game. You decide the payload, pick your targets, and must then challenge the Soviet Union's defenses.

SAMs (surface-to-air missiles) and MiG-21 fighter / interceptors will find you as you cross "The Big Board." Events will relentlessly dog you and your crew as the fate of America, even the world, rests on your shoulders. A single mission can be accomplished in about 15 minutes, or take an hour for the whole campaign game. Take a darkly humorous trip in a less-than-serious game exploding with atomic fun.

Game Components:

• One 4-page, full-color Rules booklet with four scenarios and Advanced Rules included
• One 8½" x 11" paper "Big Board" game map with flight controls
• 28 color, die-cut 5/8" round mounted pieces
• One 5½" x 4¼" player aid mat
• 20 Event cards
• One BattLessonTM sheet
• Part of an introductory wargame series!
• Polybag packaging and component storage


Game Design: Chris Taylor
Development: Alan Emrich
Graphic Design: Chris Taylor
Playtesting: Michel Boucher, Terry Coleman, Rich Dodgin, Bruce Hannigan, Joshua Hockaday, Greg Jablonski, Joe Miranda, Ben "Dino" Staats, Oliver Upshaw, Ian Wakeham
Proofreading: Brian Burns, Ian Wakeham


Nuclear Fun by Bill Floyd (BoardGameGeek)
Fortunately, the only difficulty any new player will have with this [game] is trying to properly pronounce the title. Sure, the title is "cute" in its effort to inject some humor into a most serious subject, but most wargamers don't care to be politically correct -- after all, we regularly kill thousands, if not millions, of cardboard soldiers in our quest for fun -- and let there be no doubt about it, Toe-to-Toe Nu'klr Combat with the Rooskies is fun!

Game Resources

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