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Twilight of the Gods: Seasons of Revelation 3 Pack

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Chris Kluwe
2 or more
Play Time:
30 minutes or less


New to Twilight of the Gods, three new Seasons are ready to be revealed for the Age of Revelation! 

Seasons are 50-card packs that expand upon the current Age (in this case, Age of Revelations). Each pack includes at least one new Deity card plus new cards for each faction (and a few original base game cards) with enough copies to reach your full deck-building potential.

What's In The Boxes?: 

Season of Prophecy:

• 50 cards (1 deity, 15 new cards of multiple copies, and 4 cards previously seen in the core set)

Season of Epiphany:

• 50 cards (1 deity, 17 new cards of multiple copies, and 4 cards previously seen in the core set)

Season of Apocalypse:

• 50 cards (2 deities, 16 new cards of multiple copies, and 5 cards previously seen in the core set)

NOTE: You must own a copy of Twilight of the Gods: Age of Revelation to enjoy these Expansion Packs.


Design Team: Pebble Carver Games (Chris Kluwe, Greg Kluwe, Chris Morgan, and Justin Nouget)
Development: Victory Point Games
Illustration: Clark Miller
Graphic Design and Layout: Clark Miller, Barry Pike III, Grant Taylor
Marketing: Grant Taylor
Producer: Deon Carrico
Playtesting: Ashley and Matt from Loaded Dice Network, Shivam Bhatt, Maurice Fitzgerald, Joel French, Brian Griffin and I Geek, Jeremy Lennert, Chris Magoun, Noah Massaro, Stephie Newland, TWIST Gaming, Undead Viking, David Vestal
Proofreading: Matthew E. Deuber, Avalon Emrich, Linda Dailey Paulson, Petra Schlunk, Karen Wolterman
Special Thanks: To all of our Kickstarter backers, plus Vincent Salzillo and Double Exposure, Inc.
Publisher: Alan Emrich