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Twilight of the Gods: Age of Revelation

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Chris Kluwe
2 or more
Play Time:
30 minutes or less


The gods are dying, and pantheons of deities across the globe are in decline. Belief ebbs from the world, leaving these once mighty legends desperately scheming to collect what scraps of faith remain. Some seize power with naked aggression, commanding merciless armies from a multitude of nations to convert new believers by force. Others prefer diplomacy, the subtle knife from the shadows, laying traps for the unwary and headstrong. Gods of hearth and field erect well-defended sanctuaries, lashing out violently at those who dare breach their defenses, while figures of shrouded mysticism call forth monsters and legends from the river of myth and time, supplemented by divine manifestations that tear the fabric of reality asunder....

In Twilight of the Gods: Age of Revelation you and your friends will each assume the role of a deity from myth and legend, and battle to the death to see who is the strongest god, using human armies, mystical beasts, and heroes of renown from both past and future. These deities span multiple pantheons from numerous civilizations, and each favors a particular method of strategy – Aggression, Negotiation, Mysticism, or Sanctuary – which influences how your battle will play out. Every deity also possesses a special, once per game power that can be used to further the tide of battle in your favor, or come back from what seems like overwhelming defeat, so never count an opponent out until they draw their last card.

For more information on Twilight of the Gods, read the FAQ here!

For more details of the game, check out its personal website here.

What's In The Box?:

• 8.25" x 8.25" x 3" Game Box
• 204 Poker-Sized Cards
• 20 Mini-cards (41mm x 63mm)
• 10 Blessing Markers
• 5 Freeze Markers
• 21 Wound Markers
• 6 Recall Markers
• 2 Single-sided Playmats
• 1 Rulebook
• 1 Glossary Booklet


Design Team: Pebble Carver Games (Chris Kluwe, Greg Kluwe, Chris Morgan, and Justin Nouget)
Development: Victory Point Games
Illustration: Clark Miller
Graphic Design and Layout: Clark Miller, Barry Pike III, Grant Taylor
Marketing: Grant Taylor
Producer: Deon Carrico
Playtesting: Ashley and Matt from Loaded Dice Network, Shivam Bhatt, Maurice Fitzgerald, Joel French, Brian Griffin and I Geek, Jeremy Lennert, Chris Magoun, Noah Massaro, Stephie Newland, TWIST Gaming, Undead Viking, David Vestal
Proofreading: Matthew E. Deuber, Avalon Emrich, Linda Dailey Paulson, Petra Schlunk, Karen Wolterman
Special Thanks: To all of our Kickstarter backers, plus Vincent Salzillo and Double Exposure, Inc.
Publisher: Alan Emrich


It's A Kind Of Magic – Twilight Of The Gods Review by Nick O'Neill (Games Quest)
Twilight Of The Gods is clearly a game that has been created with devotion and care, and it could well hit the spot for players who want something deep and meaningful, but without necessarily having to go out an spend a fortune on new cards every other week.  A solid and meaty 8 out of 10 for this one.
Twilight of the Gods gives collectible card games a run for their money by Ryan Morgenegg (Deseret News)
There are so many details and fine points in Twilight of the Gods about how cards are used, how they interact and what is available for players to do each turn that it can't possibly all be covered in a single review. I can honestly say that this is the most detailed and complicated player versus player card game I have played. But as they say, the devil is in the details.

When it comes to card games of this nature, sometimes the game is decent but the artwork is poor. This is not the case with Twilight of the Gods. The artwork is well done and captivating. It looks like it was created by some of the current and popular fantasy artists in the gaming world. The gameplay is equally compelling.

This game fills a specific niche in the gaming world. Those who like fantasy player versus player card games where one can customize a deck, use powers and strategies while executing incredible combinations will absolutely love this game.
A new game that feels right at home on the gaming shelf! by Mythoskull (Amazon 5-star review)
Listen here nerds,

There are a lot of card games out there what with gaming culture becoming the norm nowadays. But there are few that rely solely on tactics and strategy rather than over-collecting and card monopolization. Twilight of the Gods is not only one of said games, it is the best that I have experienced in such a field. As complex as the game can get however, none of it too difficult for an new gamer to understand and while the combination of certain cards are indeed powerful, I have to experience any issues with unbalance or confusion. All in all, if you want a game that you don't have to break the bank to play well AND you want a game that doesn't make you rage at your friends from across the kitchen table (too real), then Twilight of the Gods: Age of Revelation is the only game I could recommend at five stars. Good games, should just be fun, and that is exactly what you are getting here.

Why are you still reading? Grab a copy already!
A God Amongst Card Games by Cecil (Amazon 5-star review)
Play this game regularly and have a great time. If you are a fan of card games of any kind, you will find something unique and charming in Twilight of the Gods (Bonus points of if you love mythos from various cultures and pantheons.)

My significant other and I haven't put this down since release, and we are always pumped to get a game or two in. If you are coming off of something like Magic, you will take to this immediately. The strategies are deep and varied, and the games always feel exceptionally close. I feel like we really need a Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, though. (Blessed be his Noodliness, R'amen.)

Buy it, try it, play it forever!
Great instead of a CCG by Groff (Amazon 5-star review)
This wonderful game has all the same characteristics of a CCG, but without ALL THE COSTS! It is a LCG with planned expansions and a great learning curve. There are plenty of ways to play the game with friends including multiplayer variant rules. The community is very supportive with direct help from the game creators and publishers.

If you are worried about learning the game, my fiancee has never played a game like this before but has taken to the game quickly. She has almost beaten me after only two games and I've played M:tG since I was 8 years old. Also, there are quickly made start-up decks that are purposefully slanted in a way to encourage reorganization. Therefore, you can start play easily and then see the connections with what works better in other decks.

If you are interested in history and myth then the theme for this game is awesome as well. There is fun flavor text on all the cards related to that theme and you can't ignore the fact that the Gods take center stage.

The card quality is wonderful and the art looks great. And if you get the chance for foils, they have a cool light reflection color spectrum effect.

Overall, I highly suggest this game to anyone that enjoys deck building strategic games without having to pay $300 - $500 every few months to stay relative for tournaments or even $100 a year to play with friends casually.

1 Review

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    Twilight of the Gods: Age of Revelation

    Posted by Justin Hopper on Jan 21st 2019

    A quite brilliant game. Takes a bit of time to fully understand all the mechanics of the game, but once you do you will be amply rewarded with gameplay that can draw on aggression, scheming, strategizing and some lateral thinking. A fantastically conceived and designed game.

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