• Napoleon Advances on Nappy 20 v4.0 - Friday August 15, 2014, 12:13 pm

    Nappy 20 card back design

     We're getting ready to release the next installment in our popular Napoleonic 20 series, this one entitled España 20, volume 1. It will have the latest, shiniest version of Nappy 20-ness in the package and two great battles for your gaming pleasure. Go ahead and READ MORE...

  • Tenka: Shogun Edition - Order Demands Sacrifice! - Thursday August 14, 2014, 4:04 pm


    Whether in the royal court or on the battlefield, the lords of feudal Japan fight a never-ending struggle for power amidst the chaos of a faltering Empire. In Tenka: Shogun Edition, you will vie for provincial control as order crumbles around you, hoping to secure enough holdings before the entire country is enveloped in the fires of revolution...

  • Turnabout a Smart Play with Trifecta! - Friday August 8, 2014, 2:56 pm


    Trifecta is a fast, competitive game made specifically for two players. Quick to learn and fun to play!

  • The New Dynamic Duo - Tuesday August 5, 2014, 3:01 pm

    zeds home townTucked away in the bowels of the Victory Point Games basement, lurking about in the dark... just waiting to terrorize gamers all over the world, is...

    The Director’s Cut expansion kit to Dawn of the Zeds. Come with us and READ MORE to meet the new heroes who will be joining you soon!

  • Voyage to Valhalla with Villainous Vikings! - Monday July 21, 2014, 1:44 pm

    Villainous Vikings

    For 2 to 4 players, Villainous Vikings is a rousing game of Viking exploration and conquest. With players confronted by constant Raid or Trade dilemmas, the decisions will take you to the highest seat in Asgard next to Odin.


Select Range:
  1. Cruel Necessity
  2. Darkest Night Necromancer Bundle
  3. Villainous Vikings
  4. Infection: Humanity's Last Gasp
  5. Hapsburg Eclipse
  6. Dawn of the Zeds 2nd Edition
  7. Who Stole the Cookie?
  8. Darkest Night
  9. Ottoman Sunset 2nd Edition
  10. Trieste
  11. Zulus on the Ramparts! 2nd Edition
  12. Mound Builders
  13. Darkest Night expansion #1: With An Inner Light
  14. Darkest Night expansion #2: On Shifting Winds
  15. King's Ransom
  16. Astra Titanus
  17. Days of Battle: Golan Heights
  18. Trifecta
  19. The South Shall Rise Again
  20. The Barbarossa Campaign
  21. Hell's Gate
  22. Battle for Moscow
  23. A.D. 30
  24. In Magnificent Style
  25. The Lost Cause Exp. Kit
  26. Israeli Independence
  27. Tenka: Shogun Edition
  28. Fuentes de Oñoro 20
  29. Strike Force One
  30. Hero of Weehawken
  31. The Lost Cause
  32. Imperial Stars II
  33. Old World New World
  34. Darkest Night expansion #3: From the Abyss
  35. Toe-to-Toe Nu'klr Combat with the Rooskies
  36. Paul Koenig's The Bulge: 6th Panzer Army
  37. Empires in America
  38. Soviet Dawn Exp. Kit
  39. Leuthen: Frederick's Greatest Victory
  40. Nemo's War
  41. Star Borders: Humanity 2nd edition
  42. Trenches of Valor
  43. Assault on Sevastopol
  44. Israeli Independence Exp. Kit
  45. Strike Force One: Expert Game
  46. Cuba: The Splendid Little War
  47. A Blood-Red Banner
  48. Knockout
  49. Keep Up The Fire!
  50. Empires in America Exp. Kit
  51. Battle for Moscow Exp. Kit
  52. Soviet Dawn
  53. Waterloo 20 2nd Edition
  54. Nemo's War Exp. Kit
  55. Trenches of Valor Exp. Kit
  56. For the Crown expansion #2: The World is Round
  57. Disaster on Everest
  58. Fleets 2025
  59. For the Crown 2nd Edition
  60. I Say, Holmes! 2nd Edition
  61. Legions of Darkness
  62. Franco-Prussian War 40
  63. Objective: Odessa
  64. Forlorn: Hope
  65. Legions of Darkness Exp. Kit
  66. Circus Train 2nd Edition
  67. Star Borders: Aliens
  68. The Alamo Remembered 2nd Edition
  69. Disaster on K2
  70. Levee en Masse
  71. The Arduous Beginning
  72. Gem Rush
  73. Sign of the Pagan
  74. Moonbase Alpha
  75. The Last King of Scotland
  76. Loot and Scoot
  77. Paul Koenig's Market-Garden: Eindhoven Bridge
  78. Loot and Scoot Exp. Kit
  79. ABD Exp. Kit 5: Design Your Own
  80. Caesar XL Exp. Kit
  81. Danube 20
  82. Ancient Battles Deluxe
  83. Gettysburg: The Wheatfield
  84. Disaster on Kangchenjunga
  85. Caesar XL
  86. ABD Exp. Kit 2: Hell's Horsemen
  87. Target: Leningrad
  88. Paul Koenig's Market-Garden: Nijmegen Bridge
  89. Objective: Kiev
  90. Frank Chadwick's Campaigns in Russia
  91. ABD Exp. Kit 1: Elephants at War
  92. Abandon Earth
  93. Swing States 2012
  94. Paul Koenig's Market-Garden: Arnhem Bridge
  95. Levee en Masse Exp. Kit
  96. Bulge 20 Exp. Kit
  97. No Retreat! Solitaire (NR1 Exp. Kit 3)
  98. ABD Exp. Kit 4: Art of War
  99. The Drive on Metz
  100. Austerlitz 20
  101. ABD Exp. Kit 3: Strange Ordnance
  102. Crisis 2020
  103. P.K. D-Day: Canadian Beach
  104. Bulge 20
  105. Battle of 4 Armies
  106. No Retreat 3
  107. Assault on Galactus Prime Exp. Kit
  108. Victory in the West pack
  109. P.K. D-Day: American Beaches
  110. Assault on Galactus Prime
  111. For the Crown Variant: All the King's Men
  112. Dennewitz 20
  113. Napoleonic 20 Exp. Kit
  114. Dawgs of War
  115. P.K. D-Day Pack
  116. High & Tight
  117. Katzbach 20
  118. WHY?! 2nd Edition
  119. Operation Veritable
  120. Aliens vs. Zombies
  121. Kulm 20
  122. PARSEC Deluxe
  123. Destined Hero
  124. Gorlitz 20
  125. Boom & Zoom
  126. Dixon to Carrier: Scratch One Flattop
  127. For the Crown expansion #1: Shock & Awe
  128. Rules Lawyer
  129. Bussaco 20
  130. Grossbeeren 20
  131. Berezina 20
  132. Albion 20
  133. Skagway
  134. Final Frontier
  135. P.K. D-Day: British Beaches

Who We Are
Victory Point Games is a small format, indie board game publisher based in Costa Mesa, California. Each Victory Point Games title is printed on demand and handcrafted locally in our facility. Though our business was founded on a passion for the historical war genre, over the years we have enthusiastically expanded our repertoire to include strategy, card, family, and casual board games. Our focus is to produce easy to learn, easy to teach, and quick to play games that are fun and accessible for any level of gaming experience.