A Blood-Red Banner

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Defend the Alamo from the relentless Mexican attacks in this solitaire BattLessonTM game!

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A Blood-Red Banner, from designer Richard Trevino, is a solitaire BattLessonTM siege game where you, as the Texian heroes, must survive the attacks from the relentless Mexican army and save the walls of the Alamo. This historically-based game is easy and fast-paced, providing the air of challenge that occurred between both armies all those years ago.

It is March 1836, when the Texians are fighting for their new republic. As the besieged Texian defenders, you must fight off the five converging Mexican attack columns that are making their way towards the Alamo. Direct brave counterattacks, pushing back the troops of the Mexican dictator, General Santa Anna, before they storm the walls and cut into the heart of the Alamo.

Do you have what it takes to withstand the siege? Defend the Alamo and wave your flag of victory in A Blood-Red Banner!

Game Components:

•   One 2-page, full-color Rules booklet
•   One 8½" x 11" paper game map
•   12 single-sided 3/4" square game pieces
•   24 Event cards
•   One BattLessonTM sheet
•   Polybag packaging and component storage


Game Design: Richard Trevino
Series Design: Darin Leviloff
Series Developer: John Welch
Documentation & Development: Alan Emrich and Noelle Le Bienvenu
Map Art: Tim Allen
Playtesting: Kevin Atwood, Geert van der Burgt, Mariano Castillo, Ralph Ferrari, John Hart, Greg Jablonski, J.L. Robert, David P. Smith, David Spangler, Chris Strabala, Leigh Toms, John Welch, Patrick Williams
Proofreading: Bill Barrett, Brian Burns, Leigh Toms, Ian Wakeham

Special Thanks: Dennis Bishop, Christopher Peirs, Mike Stevens, Judd Vance, Ian Wakeham, Robert Wesley

Game Resources

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Game Data

Number of Players Solitaire
Age 13+
Playing Time Approximately 15 minutes
Difficulty 2
Solitaire Suitability 9
Designer Richard Trevino
Developer Alan Emrich


A Blood-Red Banner by Michael Eckenfels (GrogHeads)
A Blood-Red Banner is a highly enjoyable game to play, as it is easy to set up, fast to play, and murderously difficult to get through to a winning conclusion. The level of challenge hints just enough that a victory is possible, until everything comes crashing down by some lousy die rolls and even worse event card draws. Despite the incredible level of luck that this game hangs its hat on, it’s still enjoyable enough as one knows that if that die would only roll the "right" number this time, perhaps Santa Anna won’t mow down William Travis and take the heart of the Alamo. Last moment turning away of Mexican units that are on the cusp of victory are the little victories that you get to enjoy during some of the more memorable and nail-biting moments that this game provides (and it does that in spades). Designer Richard Trevino, I think, really hit one out of the park with this little gem.
A Blood-Red Banner by RJ Cullen (Toys Bulletin)
The game designers kept the results historically accurate by making it impossible for the Texians to actually defeat the Mexicans. Instead, they base victory on how long you can hinder Santa Anna and the Mexican troops. It is a clever concept indeed.