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Join Zeds PnP Playtesting

Join Zeds PnP Playtesting

Posted by Alan Emrich on Nov 1st 2018

Attention, Zed-heads!

Once again, Farmingdale needs you to save it -- only, this time, it's in the most fun way! We are enlisting "print-and-playtesters" to download the kit (on 8.5" x 11" sheets) and take the new characters, cards, and especially Super Zeds for a trip over your game board. Here, download this .zip file and take a look at all of these goodies:

The Zeds Xpacks 4-6 Playtest Bundle

Here is what you'll find:

Digby O'Graves playtest

  • High & Low (Xpack #4): This pack features 3 new Heroes (persuasive mastermind Roberta Strawberry, Digby O'Graves the friendly undertaker, and "call me Bob" Suleiman the Chromotechnics whistleblower), plus 1 new Heroic Civilians group (Farmingdale's Civil War Re-enactors).
  • Taking Refuge (Xpack #5): This pack give you green cards for Apocalypse Level adventures. Event cards include: A Brief Respite, Emergency Council Meeting, Famous Last Words, Good Neighbors, Imagining the Worst, Luttmann's Lunch Wagon, Not What They're Cracked Up to Be, Tell Me I Didn't See That!, and The Zeds You Know, plus a new green END card, The Horror... The Horror.... Not to be outdone, a new Hero card is also included (welcome Danny the Deuce, who is a hero on the wrong side of the law), plus counters including four interesting new Regular Zeds units to inhabit your Zeds bag!
  • Super Zeds (Xpack #6): This pack is nothing but trouble (and a lot of fun!), introducing ten new Super Zeds units to light up your map including: Chaos Zeds, HowlerZ, Petrified Zeds, Reapers, Atomic Zeds, Horrors, Homing Zeds, Cheerleader Zeds, Zheadless Ones, and Zedactyls. These create very interesting new challenges on the board that you will enjoy(?) during the next unchecked outbreak, just you wait and see!

Zeds Xpack designer Alan Emrich and developer Petra Schlunk would like you to join our Zeds Team!!

To help us build a better future for Farmingdale, simply send your considered feedback (at least based on reading over the components, but better still from printing them out and giving them a try) to us via email to: We will get back to you promptly and hopefully find a place for you among our new group of playtest heroes!

We are especially looking for your thoughts on character, story, pacing, and of course play balance as the Zeds go marching on!

Thanks! Your Zeds team (and Farmingdale) needs you!