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No Soldier Left Behind Playtesting

No Soldier Left Behind Playtesting

Posted by Victory Point Games on Aug 16th 2018

No Soldier Left Behind

No Soldier Left Behind is a cooperative narrative wargame of American soldiers during the Battle of the Bulge. Tasked with working together to achieve your goals, each player represents individual soldiers with training and skills who will win or lose as a team.

Victory is measured by how many of you avoid a grisly fate delivered by the withering Wehrmacht fire and survive the German onslaught.

Like the warfare it simulates, No Soldier Left Behind can be brutally unforgiving of mistakes, especially in the difficult scenarios. Surviving the Axis intrusion and siege will prove a gripping ordeal and test of mettle.


1 Game manual

X Hex tiles

156 Counters / markers

90 Poker sized cards

5 Custom dice

96 Scenario cards (8 scenarios)

Developer Nathan Hansen of Victory Point Games would like you to volunteer to playtest our latest version of this solitaire/co-op game. If you would like to enlist, put your dog tags on and download this "print and playtest" kit (some assembly required, of course) and let us know you're in the next foxhole by sending a dispatch to From there, Nathan will reply with assistance in what we're looking for in this playtest.

Link to PnP file: