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Renegade – the Darkness and the Light

Renegade – the Darkness and the Light

Posted by Richard Wilkins on Aug 30th 2018

Renegade – the Darkness and the Light

by Ricky Royal

Mother has been busy again. Which means, “I’ve been busy again." 

Neural Splash

Of course, I am the mind of Mother and you are the Renegades. My job as “Mother” is to keep finding new ways to challenge you and to unleash more nuances into the world of Renegade; more SMCs, more Countermeasures, and new tools that you can use to face these new challenges. With that in mind, I bring you expansion packs 3 and 4.

Renegade was launched on Kickstarter in the summer of 2017. Since then I have been listening very carefully to public forums and social media, to the chatter around what was good and what was not so good about  Renegade. A lot of that chatter came from the solo gamers, which I kind of expected, as they are a large and hungry audience for Renegade. But also a lot of that chatter came from game groups playing at the opposite end of the player counts with 4 or 5 Renegades at the table. As a result, I had two main objectives in my mind for expansion packs 3 and 4: to answer the concerns those gamers were raising and to give them more of what they were enjoying.

One of the positives that came from the initial reception to Renegade was the Cyberpunk genre, so I wanted to give expansion packs 3 and 4 a strong sense of theme and story. There isn’t a great deal of space on the cards and in the rulebook to fluff up the Renegade’s world, so I am having to rely on the strength of the mechanisms and puzzles that the cards deliver to bring that story to the table. In other words, I can tell some of that story with the names of cards and how strongly they tie to the patterns that play out on the network as a result of those cards’ effects. Of course I also have the benefit of Clark Miller’s beautifully atmospheric artwork, and I can’t wait to see what he does with the next set of expansions. 

Our overarching theme for these two booster packs is darkness and light.

Expansion Pack 3: Blackout

Blackout is going to be Mother’s revenge to all you Renegades who said the game too predictable that they had never-fail ways of doing things, and to the other set of gamers who found it was all too random. To you two contradictory groups I will bring you two new SMCs, and each is going to challenge you in different ways.

Glom sketch (courtesy of the designer)

First I wanted to force Renegades to build neural-nets as the best way to counter an SMC and Glom, a new level-3 SMC, will force you to diversify in this way. The next is Sentinel, who wants to take the randomness out of the game and will suit those of you who want more deterministic play. As Mother’s “sister”, she will be tough; she will be tough and resolute and you cannot slip up against her. Failure is not an option with Sentinel and she will be your toughest opponent yet.

Blackout continues with the focus on diversity and emphasises the ‘darkness’ theme with a new set of Countermeasures that evoke the idea of a dark net by shutting down the network, stopping services running on its partitions, forcing Renegades to think in new ways. And to help Renegades think in new ways are a set of mixed-colour Advanced Command Cards (ACCs) which provide either Red and Yellow commands or Green and Blue commands. These ‘splash’ cards also help you face countermeasures like ‘Viral Overload’ in new ways. You will also find new ACCs that promote more player interaction with continued use of the Interrupt keyword which allows you to play cards on other players turns.

Overall I think the Blackout expansion will answer a lot of the issues critics had whilst sticking to my core values for Renegade, which are rewarding repeat play and rewarding analytical and deep play.

Expansion Pack 4: Lighthouse

SMC Sentinel

Lighthouse is one for those of you who are really grokking Renegade. With this expansion I really wanted to change things up with even more variety. This expansion brings just on new SMC, though it’s not just one SMC per se. Instead it’s an extension to every other SMC you’ve already seen. You thought Spider was too easy and put her back in the box never to be player again? Try “Spider 2.0”! I won’t spoil any more surprises just yet, but the trick here is that this one mini-expansion, with it’s ‘2.0’ extension, doesn’t bring you just one more SMC, it effectively brings you seven new SMC, each with their 2.0 extension that means you can up the ante on Alpha-Moby, Spider, Viking, Mother, Logi, Glom, and Sentinel!

You will also find just one additional Countermeasure, but this Countermeasure will be an addendum to all your existing games, with a ‘final boss’ to face before you can claim victory. This final boss is Mother’s Ghost, and I can’t wait for you to meet her!

Finally, to wrap up the ‘light’ theme to contrast with Blackout’s dark net, Lighthouse brings a new type of token to the board that will make you go, “ooh, shiney!”. These little packets of goodness are like Easter eggs scattered across the network, to both distract and entice you as well as offer new ways to combo your cards to create those killer turns. I think you’re going to love it!

Good luck Renegades, because these treats will be coming your way soon…!!

Rupert Wants You!

One of of those treats is that designer Richard Wilkins (aka Ricky Royal from Box of Delights) would like to invite seasoned Renegades to join him in playtesting the latest expansion for this solitaire/co-op game. If you would like to jack-in and steal a jump on Mother’s new countermeasures, download the “print and playtest” kit below and send your intel to Renegade Xpack 3 Report

You can download the PnP file at:

Good hunting, Renegades!