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Twilight News From On High

Twilight News From On High

Posted by Chris Kluwe on Nov 15th 2018

The Gods are Pleased

Standard Bearer

Twilight of the Gods' Lead Designer Chris Kluwe and Designer Justin Nouget are at BGG.con from Nov. 14-18th. They are running free game demonstrations in the Exhibitor Room at the Victory Point Games booth (312). If you are attending, please be sure to stop by!

For the curious among you seeking to learn how to play, these patient masters cannot wait to meet you! They will happily introduce to your divine powers and show you how to summon victory!

For experienced players, Chris and Justin would not only be happy to share the finer points of Twilight of the Gods with you (and they are many), but if you wish to challenge them -- challenge accepted! <insert ominous laughter here>

Better still, they are bringing their expansion pack cards and something even better... the cards from the next core game set! This articles features preview pictures of what they will be showing you this weekend at BGG.con.

That's right, the Kickstarter for our second core set, Age of Tribulation, introduces two new factions, plenty of new cards (including some for the original four factions), and new mechanics as well (yes, you will finally discover what that "Curse" keyword on your Cthulhu Deity card means!).

BGGcon is your chance to try out these new cards before the Kickstarter even goes up, and we may or may not have them assembled into two premade starter decks that you can face off against each other (Spoiler alert: the starter decks will be there), so stop on by and check out the new hotness!