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Frank Chadwick's ETO vol. I: Thunder in the East

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Section I: Designer's Notes and Analysis

Frank Chadwick's ETO Design Philosophy by Frank Chadwick
Modeling the German Army in ETO by Frank Chadwick
Modeling the Soviet Army in ETO by Frank Chadwick
The Death and Birth of the Soviet Mechanized Forces by Frank Chadwick
The Plane Truth by Frank Chadwick
Deconstructing Factional Asymmetry in TitE by Alan Emrich


Pick a Card, Any Card by Alan Emrich

So Much for the Weather by Alan Emrich

Section II: Player's Guide – Land

"L'audace, encore l'audace, et toujour l'audace" by Alan Emrich
How to Lose as the Axis during Barbarossa by Frank Chadwick
A Fistful of Rubles by Kevin Roust
For a Few Rubles More by Kevin Roust
18 Steps to Victory or Defeat by Alan Emrich
Our Chief Weapon is Supplies by Lance McMillan
Isn't That Special (Movement)? by John Tiehen
What the Rail? by Alan Emrich
When to Build 'Em Up and Break 'Em Down by Alan Emrich
The Importance of Combat Phase Reactions by Alan Emrich
Nothing up My Sleeve! by Alan Emrich with John Tiehen

Section III: Player's Guide – Air

Working the Air Force Ground Crews by John Tiehen
Red Phoenix: The Fall and Rise of the Soviet Air Force by John Tiehen
Luftwaffe Blues by John Tiehen
Hitting the Silk by Alan Emrich
We're on a Mission by Alan Emrich
The Fighter Commander's Guide to Air Combat by Alan Emrich

Section IV: The Campaign Game Player's Guide

Flagging Morale in the Campaign Game by Frank Chadwick
ETO's Economic Model by Frank Chadwick
Guerrillas in their Midst by Alan Emrich
Strategic Bombing for Fun and Profit by Kevin Roust


Image courtesy of Rodger B. MacGowan

Thunder in the East ConsimWorld 2017 Expo(se) by the VPG Staff

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Sevastopol by Daniel Duldig

Interview with Frank Chadwick: Designer of VPG's Thunder in the East by The Player's Aid

Interview with Frank Chadwick by

Interview with Alan Emrich by

Interview with Lance McMillan by

Wargaming the Russian Front in Braille - At Last a Game with the Right Feel by Jeff Nyquist



Here is VPG's official Thunder in the East video playtest.

Alan Emrich introduces Thunder in the East and the larger ETO series of wargames.



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